PHOTOS: Minnie Mouse “Summer Vacation” Outfit Coming to Minnie’s Style Studio in Tokyo Disneyland

One of the big selling points of the new Minnie’s Style Studio greeting at Tokyo Disneyland was that Minnie’s outfit and backdrop changes for all four seasons! We’ve already seen her fashionable Parisian autumn look, sporting a chic New York winter style, and her European springtime haute couture. And today, we finally got a look at the fourth and final outfit, specially created for the summertime!


Minnie’s summer vacation is of course spent on the beaches of Hawaii, and her new outfit (and backdrop to match) reflect the season and locale.


The hat is sewn with a combination of summer raffia material used in straw hats and a sheer material, with a hibiscus flower incorporated to her right ear. Plus, a big ribbon is tied on the back for that extra-cute look!


The dress is sleeveless with a large white collar that extends to the shoulders and a red polka dot pattern on a white background. Additionally, gathers are added to her waist to create a soft, smooth spread.. The ribbon around her waist is made of a glossy satin fabric.


Finally, her heels are a vivid red color, creating a sense of a unified color scheme from head to toe.

Minnie’s summer look debuts June 1st at Minnie’s Style Studio at Tokyo Disneyland, likely lasting through sometime around September 1st judging by how long the other looks lasted. Depending on crowd levels, a win through the Entry Request lottery system may be required to visit Minnie’s Style Studio. Are you excited to escape to Hawaii with Minnie Mouse this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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