PHOTOS: FIRST LOOK Inside New Minnie’s Style Studio Meet and Greet at Tokyo Disneyland

Character greetings are no joke at Tokyo Disney Resort, and neither are their wait times. While Guests have been able to meet Minnie Mouse since the park opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland has never had a dedicated greeting facility for the mouse herself, until 2020! We finally got a sneak peek inside Minnie’s Style Studio, opening September 28th, thanks to images released by the Oriental Land Company. So let’s take a look inside Minnie’s workshop!



The outside, as we’ve shown off in our construction updates since last year, very much fits in with the cartoony style of the rest of Toontown.

Cast Costumes


Cast Members wear a total of four different costumes throughout Minnie’s Style Studio, each with very hand-drawn and painted cartoon art styles to them.



The first room in the queue is the lobby, featuring the desk of Janice (real life Walt Disney Imagineering Experience Designer).


Posters hang on the walls of the lobby featuring both classic and 2013-style Minnie on the covers of various magazines.


There’s also a small TV which plays snippets of cartoons featuring Minnie Mouse.


Behind Janice’s desk is a trophy case full of Minnie’s accolades!


And on the opposite side is a radio-thing that plays messages for Minnie from Mickey, Daisy, and other Toontown friends.

Minnie’s Office


Minnie’s office features a chair and bookshelf on the left, and her drafting area on the right.


Minnie’s drafting area features a number of costumes seen on other characters in the parks, including Daisy Duck’s Woodchuck Greeting Trail costume, among others.


Behind the big boards are smaller boards with more sketches, as well as notes and comments from some of Minnie’s friends.


There’s also a bed and feeding area for Minnie’s cat, Figaro.

Work Room


The work room features a number of fabric rolls, tools, and half-finished costumes that Minnie is working on. Many of the rolls under the table make reference to various costumes seen at the parks over the years.


It seems Minnie left in a bit of a rush, though, because her iron has melted through the board and is hanging off the side. Be careful or you might get blasted with some steam!


Also every now and then, Figaro pops out of some hat boxes. Looks like she’s stirring up mischief in the workshop!


Mannequins of Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle are also in the work room, helping Minnie to create perfect fits for herself and her friends.

Accessory Room


The final room in the queue is the accessory room, which features a number of Minnie’s accessories on display in little pods on the wall.

Greeting Room


One of the main selling points of Minnie’s Style Studio is that Minnie’s costume will change throughout the year. Her autumn costume is a casual French style featuring a scooter and a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower in autumn.


Because of COVID-19 precautions, Guests will meet Minnie from within a small yellow box to the side, in order to maintain social distancing. This system is in effect at all character greetings around Tokyo Disney Resort until further notice.

Isn’t the new greeting location adorable? You can apply for an Entry Request to meet Minnie Mouse at MInnie’s Style Studio starting September 28th through the Tokyo Disney Resort App. Are you excited to meet Minnie in her unique greeting spot? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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