PHOTOS: Planters and Scaffolds Down in Belle’s Village and The Big Pop at New Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland (2/28/20)

Tokyo Disney Resort may be temporarily closed, but we made sure to gather some special stories to share with you during this break! And that includes an update on the forthcoming New Fantasyland expansion, set to open in just 45 days! There’s some pretty exciting developments this time, so we’d better get right in to it!

Belle’s Village

When last we checked in on Belle’s Village, the paths were no longer open and planters were still up. This week, the construction crews have been hard at work, it seems! The famous Gaston fountain is in the open, signs are out, and all covers on the construction-side of the planters are gone!

It looks so spectacular from the wide view, doesn’t it?

One note on this picture: the living carriage that sent Maurice to the village in the film is also out of cover! (You can spot it just past the stone archway.) And gosh, it looks cool!


The last building in the New Fantasyland project under scaffolds, The Big Pop, finally came out today! True to the concept art, we can just barely see the planetary chandelier inside the shop. It’s a simple building, but it’s still exciting to see it finally out in the world.

And over at The Happy Ride with Baymax, the entrance structure’s scaffolds also came down today. The home of the signage itself is still covered, as per usual for these sites.

A peek over the other planters shows that the Skywatcher Souvenirs booth is out in the open as well, along with the Fantasyland sign. It still feels crazy that until last week I’d walked by these every day for six months. And yet seeing them in the open is a bit strange.

Over on the path towards The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast and the Fantasyland Forest Theater, we can see final touches underway over here as well. Next time we come down this way, the castle won’t have that obnoxious wall of planters and canvas in front!

Wow, it’s crazy to think the grand opening is only 45 days away! It’ll be here before we know it, and hopefully the park is able to reopen in time for all of this! Pure speculation, but my gut says maybe we will. Of course, we at WDWNT will have boots on the ground to cover all three new attractions, the new Mickey’s Magical Music World show, all of the food, and the merchandise. The New Fantasyland expansion opens April 15th, a mere 45 days from today!

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