PHOTOS: Pavement Now Being Replaced at Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Portals on Main Street U.S.A.

Earlier this month, the last of the game plaques for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom were removed after the game officially ended in January. Some portal screens and locks remain, but new pavement is now being placed where the plaques once sat.


We noticed the new pavement in front of several Main Street, U.S.A. portals, which were among the first to have their plaques removed.


The circular plaques were on the ground in front of each portal to indicate where guests should stand, as well as help them find portals.


The lock plaques remain at all of the Main Street, U.S.A. portals.


Pavement is being replaced throughout Magic Kingdom as it prepares for its 50th anniversary later this year.


We’re happy to see Disney going over the patchwork that was done to the pavement when the plaques were first removed. This looks much better.

Did you play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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3 months ago

i think that would be kind of cool to just leave the locks, kind of as an unnamed relic for people to ask questions about and hear stories about SotMK

3 months ago

Miss the game..

Paul Holland
Paul Holland
2 months ago

I played the game quite a lot. It was one of my favorite parts about visiting the Magic Kingdom. It was nice because it was something to do that was different to the “regular” attractions and allowed me to occupy myself while my teenagers were in a long line. I hope that it gets brought back as I will definitely visit the parks less without this (or a similar) game.