PHOTOS: Single Rider Lines Opening, Guests Being Seated with Other Parties, and No More Empty Rows at Shows in Universal Orlando Resort

Physical distancing at Universal Orlando Resort is being reduced from six feet to three feet, with attractions seating every row and single rider lines beginning to open.


At Revenge of the Mummy in Universal Studios Florida, physical distancing had been reduced in the queue.


This change includes allowing the queue to switchback more, putting guests next to each other.


The single rider queue is not yet ready to reopen, but is expected to be available tomorrow.


We were told before entering the line that multiple parties would be seated together on the ride, but this was not the case when we boarded. The change will likely come tomorrow with the reopening of the single rider queue.


Distancing changed at Shrek 4-D as well.


This queue also opened more switchbacking.


Every row of the theater was being used, with two seats between each party.


Team Members at the entrance to The Bourne Stuntacular stated they were seating the same way as Shrek 4-D: using every row with two seats between parties.


In Universal’s Islands of Adventure, The Incredible Hulk Coaster had single rider available, though not directly at the entrance.


Single riders could go through the standard entrance and split into a separate queue at the metal detectors. Team Members also said they would accommodate guests who don’t want to be seated with other parties.


Every row of the coaster’s trains are being filled, and smaller parties will be sat together.


This means a party of two will be seated with another party of two. A single rider will be seated with a party of three.


How do you feel about the change from six feet to three feet of physical distancing? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Get vaccinated and you won’t have to worry or be glad when you went…that is unless you now don’t believe in the science. If you went to a crowded theme park at all, you are the last person that should be paranoid. That’s all I’m saying.

  1. Thank God…it really makes no difference the six or three feet. If you’re standing around someone who has COVID for a long time, you’re gonna get it, especially if you’re indoors. Especially with the distanced seats. Like temperature checks, it’s all meaningless theater that just makes us *feel* like we’re safer, science be damned.

    Although, it was kinda nice having all that space in the queue…

  2. Nope. Without verification of a vaccine of guests, this sounds like a very stressful experience. When I went back in November it felt like a bubble from reality as everything felt safer than the grocery store. Now… “business as usual” 😖.

    1. If you got the vaccine, then why don’t you trust that it’s doing what they said it does. It shouldn’t matter if others took it. You’re safe, right?

  3. It’s nice to see Universal loosening some of the ridiculous restrictions while Disney is just the opposite (for now!). It’s amazing how Disney continues to “follow the science” as they say, despite the multiple studies as well as the CDC stating that 6 ft SD doesn’t matter anymore. Looks like Universal gets it, and good for them. Now just drop the outdoor masks!!

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