PHOTOS: All Physical Distancing Markers Have Been Removed from the Magic Kingdom Monorail Queues

After seeing the physical distancing markers removed from the Magic Kingdom Ferryboat yesterday, we arrived this morning to find markers also removed for the Monorail queues at both the Transportation and Ticket Center as well at the Magic Kingdom.


Although the ropes for extended queues are still in place, we arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Center this morning to find the physical distancing markers completely gone, as we reported a few days ago.


Even around the as-of-yet unopened EPCOT Monorail, distancing markers have been peeled up entirely.


Even on the load ramp to the Resort Monorail at the Magic Kingdom, all markers have been peeled up as of this morning.


The giant tape “divider” is now history.


Residue remains from the markers that have been in place nearly a year, but the markers themselves have also been peeled up overnight.


The Express Monorail ramp is restored to a pre-pandemic look.


This marks the latest step in the relaxation of pandemic measures at Walt Disney World, and we can only expect to see more as the weeks and months pass. Are you excited to see normality returning slowly to Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 months ago

While I am glad to see life going back to normal, I’m a bit anxious visiting the parks in August with my kids, they are still too young to get a shot, and I don’t think all people that did not take the shots will have face covering. It will be a challenging talk with them on why we need to have masks while everyone else doesn’t. Hoping that the magic of being at WDW helps alleviate the stress