PHOTOS, VIDEO: Fantasy Springs Construction Update – Frozen, Neverland Mountains Take Shape, New Hotel Rises into the Sky at Tokyo DisneySea

Its been a minute since we checked in on the Fantasy Springs construction site at Tokyo DisneySea, and there’s been quite a bit of progress on the exciting nearly-25 acre expansion set to open in 2023! Structures for attractions and the as-of-yet unnamed hotel have continued rising into the sky, and it seems like some buildings are gaining more definition as time goes on. You can watch an overview video on our YouTube channel below, or read on for pictures and more detail.

Frozen Area


Progress on the North Mountain is continuing quite rapidly, and additionally the show building shell for the as-of-yet unnamed Frozen attraction is mostly complete.


From the front, progress is quite visible on the exterior as Guests will see it, although most of this area appears to still be hollow.


From overhead, the area that will become the Arendelle Castle and associated show building for Frozen butts right up against the show building for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Fantasy Springs Hotel


The hotel has gained several floors since our last visit, now appearing close to the topping-off phase. Eight or even nine stories are visible now as the hotel nears its peak. At nine stories, the Fantasy Springs Hotel would match the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and come just shy of the upcoming Toy Story Hotel across the monorail tracks.


Some sort of stepped feature outside is being laid, presumably to help camoflauge the parking area on the first floor of the new hotel.


Although most areas of the hotel are still covered in scaffolding, this small patch of concrete facing Bayside Station is uncovered for the moment.


The bridge area between which will presumably hold the hotel lobby and bridge the gap between the hotel’s two wings is also coming along quite nicely.


While the dome we previously noticed has been covered over, a new hole in the wall has appeared.

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On the second wing of the hotel, most of it appears to have reach its peak, with new ornamental fixtures already adorning the tops of some areas.


Visible from only within Fantasy Springs (and for a split second from the monorail), this massive ornamental window and dome will presumably play home to the lobby area. The Fantasy Springs Hotel is billed to be the most luxurious accommodation at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Peter Pan & Tangled Areas


Work on creating the distinctive triple volcanoes spotted in the latest model of Fantasy Springs to cover the show building for the upcoming Peter Pan attraction is continuing at rapid pace. It’s unknown if these volcanoes will have any similar effects to Mount Prometheus.


Meanwhile over in the Tangled area, work continues on creating the Snuggly Duckling and the unnamed Tangled-themed boat ride. It appears that a large hole has been dug as well to lay the foundations for Rapunzel’s Tower, a centerpiece of the area.


Work also continues on this building, whose purpose still remains unknown.

Entrance Area


The road bridge across the Fantasy Springs entrance is finally complete and open to backstage traffic, meanwhile work on creating the actual entrance to the land continues, with basic structural elements laid down.


And of course, the new Central Power Station for the park is almost complete and ready for operation, presumably with some finishing touches left to add inside.

And that’s the latest from Fantasy Springs here at Tokyo DisneySea! Kepe an eye on WDWNT as we chronicle the construction of this $2 billion expansion over the next couple of years, all the way up to and including its 2023 grand opening! Are you excited to visit Fantasy Springs in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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