REVIEW: New Raspberry & Passion Fruit Cream and Plant Based Chick’n Crêpes from Central Park Crêpes at Universal Studios Florida

Central Park Crêpes at Universal Studios Florida has two new crêpes in time for the park’s summer food festival.


The new seasonal crêpe is Raspberry & Passion Fruit Cream, while a Plant Based Chick’n crêpe has replaced the vegan sausage.


Plant Based Chick’n Crêpe – $9.99

Arugula, corn, roasted red bell peppers and tomatoes, crunchy onions, lemon vinaigrette, plant based avocado cilantro aioli


We devoured this crêpe. It was actually easy to eat and we love seeing so many plant-based options in the parks.


The veggies were fresh and colorful, perfect for summer. They were all delicious.


The avocado cilantro aioli is what brings the whole crêpe together. There’s plenty of it spread throughout so you get the avocado flavor with each bite. It’s not too heavy, either. We didn’t really pick up on the lemon vinaigrette


The chick’n didn’t stand out much but we picked a few pieces out to eat alone and they were good. The crêpe shell was excellent, with crispy edges and a soft, chewy center. This felt like a healthy choice, although we followed it up with a not-so-healthy sweet option.

Raspberry & Passion Fruit Cream Crêpe – $8.99

Fresh raspberries and passion fruit cream, red velvet cake, cinnamon streusel


This one was more difficult to eat than the plant-based crêpe. But they do an excellent job of making sure there are plenty of ingredients spread throughout so you get a taste of every flavor at once.


The raspberries are nice and plump and there are tons of them throughout.


The red velvet cake is moist and dense. The thick passion fruit cream adds a really unique fruity flavor to the mix.


The thing that caught us by surprise was the streusel throughout (not just on the top), which ended up being our favorite part. The cinnamon flavor really stood out and the added crunch was perfect. It was like the best part of a coffee cake.


All of the fruity flavors blended well and we would recommend this to anyone seeking a sweet treat at Universal Studios Florida.

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