Disney After Hours Boo Bash

Dates, Pricing, Sale Date Revealed for ‘Disney After Hours Boo Bash’ Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom

The Disney Parks Blog has revealed more details about the new “Disney After Hours Boo Bash” coming to the Magic Kingdom on 23 select nights later this year, starting Aug. 10 and continuing through Oct. 31.


Three new character cavalcades are coming, including “Mickey’s Happy Halloween Cavalcade” with Mickey and friends in their Halloween costumes, “Disney Villains Halloween Cavalcade,” and “Jack’s Nightmare Cavalcade” featuring characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Maleficent in her dragon form will also be seen on the streets of the Magic Kingdom, presumably the same fire-breathing float from the Festival of Fantasy parade.


Miss Carlotta returns to the Haunted Mansion, and the Cadaver Dans will perform. Disney PhotoPass will be available for magical and spooky shots during the event.

More than 20 attractions will be open for the after-hours event, including Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Haunted Mansion attraction, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain, and more.

Foolish Mortal Funnel Cake

Speciality food and drinks will be available for purchase, including the Foolish Mortal Funnel Cake (pictured above) and the Apple Ginger Dale frozen drink (frozen apple cider mixed with ginger ale and topped with whipped cream).

Select snacks and beverages, like ice cream treats and popcorn, will be complimentary. Trick-or-treating is also included for every guest.

Adults may dress up, but costume masks are prohibited for guests age 14 and older.

Tickets go on sale June 8th for select Walt Disney World Resort guests, and June 15th for open booking. Prices will range from $129 – $199. Admission begins as early as 7pm with your event ticket.

Here are the dates and times for “Disney After Hours Boo Bash”:


Main Street, U.S.A. will receive special fall decorations to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations. “Walt Disney Imagineering, in partnership with the Walt Disney World Resort Holiday Services team, will blend a fall look with the enchanting story of Cinderella by creating special pumpkin coach decorations that will add to the park’s sparkling EARidescence during this magical time.”

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  1. This is a 1 out of 10 Value proposition. Everyone vote with your wallet and DON’T go to this mediocre replacement that is double the price for half the offerings.

    1. Disney KNOWS people will pay up since they are keeping around the parks reservation system and still have crowded parks with no shows or fireworks. You should check out Mickey Views News latest video on YouTube. I don’t even live close enough to go and wouldn’t go if I did.

  2. Holy crap Batman! 5 hours for a minimum of $129. You can get a 1 day ticket for 10+ hours on 8/10 (opening Boo Bash day) at MK. So not worth it. They are focusing on the money — I can’t imaging going at this cost!

  3. Not happy about the hours being so much shorter than mnsshp, and with the prices being higher, it’s gonna be a pass for us.

  4. What a terrible replacement! Disney are ramping up their prices and offering less and less! I’d rather go to one of the after hours villains events. They may be less popular (if they return)

  5. Will the Headless Horseman still ride down Main Street? What about the Gravediggers? It’s really not worth the price to go, at least for me as a passholder, if they aren’t going to feature the main things that people go to see. We will more than likely skip it this time. I think we are going to hit Halloween Horror Nights instead – they are going whole hog and the price is right!

    1. You know, I was looking for a way to squeeze Universal into my trip! That sounds fun.

  6. I was planning on going to the Boo Bash with my family in August, but no longer. There’s less than previous years (fewer and later hours, no fireworks or shows) and the prices are much higher than in 2019. I figured that for my family of 4, it would cost $516 this year as opposed to $316 for the full event in 2019 – an extra $200! And that’s for the lowest event nights. A definite pass.

  7. We were definitely planning to do this, since MNSSHP has been a favorite annual tradition for us for a decade, but as soon as I saw those prices, I knew we were going to have to skip it. I’m not going to pay more for a clearly inferior event. No real parade, no stage show, no fireworks… It’s just not worth it. I’m so disappointed.

  8. Prices will range from $129 – $199.”
    Wow. Way to make your guests feel like just a bunch of suckers willing to pay WAY more than this event is worth.

  9. I hope people vote with their wallet on this one as I really don’t want this to become the norm for the Christmas party.

  10. I hope this blows up in their face like their deals with China and the simultaneous theatrical/Disney+ releases

  11. Not child friendly times they would of fallen asleep by then will give it a miss😕

  12. While yes it is expensive I feel Disney is trying to recoup some of the lost revenue from the pandemic. While it might not be MNSSHP and some of the things wont be the same, I plan to go to see what it is all about.

  13. These comments are absolutely absurd. This event sounds amazing and I can’t wait.

    My family will be there Halloween night without fail. I am HAPPY to pay for a premium experience, but I suppose that’s the difference between average travelers and my family. We understand the value of exclusivity and appreciate detail over flash. We don’t care for stage shows and don’t pose with characters. The cavalcades are something new and special, and we love the idea of the surprise entertainment around every corner.

    And fewer obnoxious other guests wanting something for nothing and feeling entitled? Later hours so there will be fewer small children? Sign me up. Any time I can cherish time in my favorite place with my favorite people and minimize the other people who are there, I’m in.

    Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year and I celebrate at Disney more often than not. I will be there for the 50th anniversary, then returning at the end of October for my wedding anniversary. This will be a highlight in our trip — we might even go twice!

    1. Vanessa, you are obviously harboring and channeling some extremely overt elitism and hubris in articulating “the difference between average travelers and [your] family”. I recommend a little humility regardless of how well to do your social status may be. I hope that you enjoy the “exclusivity” you seek at the event. Personally, I find the offerings, or lack thereof, insufficient to warrant the price regardless of exclusivity.

      Worse yet, just as Disney was packing people in for Mickey’s Not So Scary, people should not take it for granted that the events this year will have a low attendance cap that will yield the light crowds upon which people are banking on to entice them to purchase tickets. I have no faith in Disney to sufficiently limit the crowds regardless of the “After Hours” designation to the event and what such a descriptor meant for events pre-COVID.

    2. 100% this. My wife and I have a similar perspective. We are more than happy to save so we can have a premium experience together. You comments are bang-on.

      Good news for those who the value prop doesn’t make sense for, is they can still visit the park during the day as per usual.

      1. Again, I do not know why you are assuming that the crowds will be sufficiently limited. Only time will tell.

  14. And what’s the deal with “select hotels” being able to book early? They don’t even tell you which hotels.

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