'Ohana Teriyaki Noodles

BREAKING: Disney Buckles to Guest Demand, Adds Noodles Back to ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

A few days ago, it was announced that ‘Ohana would be reopening at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Many noticed, however, that the fan-favorite noodles were not on the limited menu. After a few days of fans complaining, Disney buckled to the demand and have announced noodles are coming back.

Disney Parks confirmed the news on TikTok with a video of the noodles. Some are also reporting seeing ‘Ohana Noodles listed on the online menu, though it is not currently.

It’s very likely Disney was always planning on bringing the noodles back but waited in order to drum up more interest in the restaurant’s reopening.

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  1. Heck yeah! Power to the people! LoL. I think this united all Americans this week…

  2. Make them beg you for the lowest cost item in all of restaurantdom. Well played Disney.

  3. Of course they were never planning on removing the noodles. You don’t reverse a decision like that in 3 days. Supply lines for all the food necessary to make the noodles isn’t something you just turn on and off.

  4. Maybe we’ll be lucky and Disney will return the egg rolls back to the $7.95 price…(still expensive, but Disney seems to like customers begging for high profit margin products).

  5. Now if only Disney buckles to Guest demand about bringing back EMH, FP+, parades, fireworks, meet & greets, and the DDP…come on, Disney!!

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