Moana Journey of Water Construction

PHOTOS: Walls Erected at Moana “Journey of Water” Attraction in EPCOT

If you are excited to travel beyond the reef with Moana one day, we have some updates about the Journey of Water developments. After a long period of downtime due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Journey of Water site is now consistently displaying substantive changes to construction. We recently reported that scaffolding had been erected around the Moana-inspired attraction. Let’s take a look at the changes we have for you today.


More construction has appeared in the recently demolished site of Innovations West.


Taller vertical scaffolding has been added to the site in the last few days.


The site also contains newly erected walls that cover the framework we previously saw. This will cover a cast member access staircase.


You can see even more of the structure taking shape next to the vertical scaffolding.


Although there is not a lot of action happening right now, we’ve noticed construction crews hauling dirt around in this area recently.


And while it is very hard to tell at this time, the ultimate concept for the Moana-inspired attraction will feature lush greenery with water flowing through the area. You can check out the concept art below.


Are you excited to restore the Heart of Te Fiti at Journey of Water in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments section.

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4 months ago

Epcot looks like such an ugly mess. Lol

4 months ago

Yesssss!! I am so excited for this! I am hoping it will be done by November when I visit, but I know that’s a long shot. Hoping it will go up super fast!

4 months ago

universal. come enjoy all our new rides. chapeks disney. come view our scaffolding and new floors.

Randy Stevens
Randy Stevens
4 months ago

Such a sad waste. I think surely there were better ideas as to how to update this space in EPCOT. A water garden??