Walt Disney World Offering $1000 Signing Bonus to New Cast Members

Walt Disney World is now offering a signing bonus to new housekeeping and kitchen Cast Members.


Disney, like many companies, is struggling to find employees post-COVID. In an attempt to recruit new workers, Walt Disney World is offering a $1000 signing bonus to housekeeping staff and line cooks if they stay on the job for at least 90 days.


The hourly pay for these roles are $16 per hour for housekeeping and $18 per hour for cooks. 

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About 33,000 of the more than 41,000 members of the Service Trades Council Union have returned to work, according to Matt Hollis, president of that worker coalition. Walt Disney World also recently reinstated the Disney College Program.

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  1. What an insult to the 900+ Entertainment cast member STILL not called back to work. I am certain any of them would be more than happy to temporarily work in another department in order to keep their health insurance.

    But Disney would rather use that money to entice new people. What a slap in the face to these loyal cast members who have LITERALLY spent their lives making magic.

    1. Cant they just sign on this way and get the $1000? If they arent having entertainment yet, they would be placed in these areas without getting the 1000? Im sure they can reapply once entertainment is back open.

    2. I think Disney isn’t so desperate for entertainment cast as much as housekeeping cast. Without housekeeping they can’t reopen the remaining hotels, all of which require a ton of personal for cleaning and maintenance, no so much entertainment.

  2. Housekeeping only makes $16 an hour? My local small town grocery store is offering $17 an hour, no experience required. Before covid, they were paying $12. And they still can’t find enough help. My local burger king re-closed indoor dining. Reason: can’t get help. This has to be the reason Port Orleans and All Stars still has no reopening in sight while all the rest of the hotels are filling to the brim. I’d like to go for the 50th celebration, but I’m scared of all the shortages I’ll have to deal with there. I prefer to deal with shortages at home.

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