Disney Premier Access Paid FastPass Service Will Soft Launch 8/3-8/4, Officially Debut 8/5 at Disneyland Paris

Katie Francis


Disney Premier Access Paid FastPass Service Will Soft Launch 8/3-8/4, Officially Debut 8/5 at Disneyland Paris

Katie Francis


Disney Premier Access Paid FastPass Service Will Soft Launch 8/3-8/4, Officially Debut 8/5 at Disneyland Paris

Disney Premier Access, which is replacing the free FastPass service, will soft launch on August 3 & 4, followed by its official debut on August 5 at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park.

The service gives guests the ability to skip the standby queue for a rate of 8€-15€ per person per ride. Guests will use the Disneyland Paris app to book an assigned time slot for select attractions or purchase Disney Premier Access at select locations around the parks.

Attractions offering Disney Premier Access will include:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Star Tours
  • Autopia
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy

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15 thoughts on “Disney Premier Access Paid FastPass Service Will Soft Launch 8/3-8/4, Officially Debut 8/5 at Disneyland Paris”

  1. Now we know why they gave in so quickly on OHana noodles, so we would accept the meaningful changes.

    • This needs to be stopped immediately! Josh D’Amaro who recently took over for Bob Chapek earlier this year is destroying the Disney product and Walt would be disgusted by what he is doing. I’m sorry, but the Disney Parks world wide are becoming a destination for the elite that can afford them. This premier access will move to the North American parks as well. It’s just a matter of time. Bob Iger and Bob Chapek please put a stop to this and get D’Amaro back down to reality and get him engaged with the guest who is visiting the Parks who is paying a high admission already. It is very sad to see the direction things are going. D’Amaro is already in the process of shuttering all Disney stores in Canada which is very disappointing. Taking away a little Disney from those who are not fortunate enough to visit the parks.

  2. Ridiculous! To have to pay per ride for fast pass in addition to an expensive admission? Every time you want to jump on a ride, you have to consider your budget again. Should I go? Just let the kids go? Make them take turns? Ugh. I adore Disney, but will shift my time to Universal. I like their straight forward fast pass system. It is pay to play, but much less expensive and more generous than this Disney plan.

  3. I just hope they have whatever it is in place for my trip to WDW in November. Husband isn’t a line guy.

  4. I’ll go ahead and cross Disneyland Paris off if possible vacation destinations.

    It is amazing how quickly Disney has gone from being the standard in the industry by which all others were measured to a raging dumpster fire.

    Have a mentioned how glad I am that me and the Mrs held off purchasing DVC?

    • It’s the recent change in management that has caused the dumpster fire. Completely out of touch with reality.

  5. To all that come to this happy place…Disney is not the first and won’t be the last to offer paid “line skipping” Universal, Six Flags have all been doing this for years. Disneyland had the max pass service. I’d rather pay one flat fee for this privilege. It actually would save me money, so I don’t have to hire the VIP escort.
    that there is a base that will pay for this. Everyone does Disney different.
    People have been whining to get rid of Fastpass for years, how it slows down
    the regular line. Disney listened and I think this is a great replacement.

    Can’t wait till this comes to all Parks. Fingers crossed it does.

  6. Bad bad idea. They took away the ease of loading on a ride, from the disabled to avoid resentment of “special treatment”. The don’t seem to have a problem with special treatment for those who can pay for it. It will cause longer lines and grant those with the means an entirely different experience. Walt Disney invisioned a park accessible to all. Disney now is only concerned with profits

  7. So basically a For a family it’s cheaper to buy VIP all day tour than to purchase this new premier pass system to ride all day. I have always supported Disney in the past but this is greedy.

  8. Disney Parks are no longer the world leader in anything but attendance. The entertainment is gone, they charge 3x as much as anybody else, and every new experience is just tied to an existing movie franchise we can watch for 6 bucks monthly.

  9. I hope htis means something and that someone powerful is actually reading it. I’m from germany and we’ve been to disney world in florida 7 times now, always about a week long visit. I plan to do this my whole life, but i won’t be able to and i don’t wn o if you go on increasing the prices like uou did the last yearswalt wanted this to be a happy place for everyone. Now most peple can’t even effort to stay. I will NEVER stay in the star wars hotel even though i would love to. It’s just too expensive. I see all the hard work and all the money you put into the parks, but aren’t you making enough money with everything else so you can keep the parks affordable? What needs to happen so that you stop thinking ust about money and start to think the way walt did again. Start thinking about the people, start thinking about the joy in the childrens face. If you need some inspiration and reminding watch your own series “the imagineering story”. It made me cry not just once. I really hope you will do the right thing. For me this reallyas the happiest place on earth. Love, Leonie

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