PHOTOS: All DINOSAUR Attraction Merchandise Removed from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: All DINOSAUR Attraction Merchandise Removed from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: All DINOSAUR Attraction Merchandise Removed from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is definitely not our dino… merchandise. All merchandise for the DINOSAUR attraction has been removed from Dinoland U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


DINOSAUR is one of many attractions that exits directly into a gift shop, but guests currently won’t be able to find any souvenirs for the ride they just rode.


All of the DINOSAUR merch has been replaced with more generic Disney items.


Puppets, rubber dinosaur “plush”, a remote-control car, and more were previously available, all branded to DINOSAUR.


Guests can still find some dinosaur toys and apparel that aren’t branded to the attraction.


Over in Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures, you won’t find any treasures related to dinosaurs at all. Cast members told us they were “sold out” of dinosaur-related items, but it’s hard to believe there was suddenly a run on dino items.


How do you feel about this sudden lack of dinos in DinoLand? Let us know in the comments.

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142 thoughts on “PHOTOS: All DINOSAUR Attraction Merchandise Removed from Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

    • I’m so done with Disney!! They too have joined the”cancel culture” and if dinosaurs are sexist, racist, subversive or whatever nonsense they are trying g to peddle they can keep it all and I can only wish there are others who are fed up to! Coke, Disney, Delta and all other would be “climb on the train” wokesters
      Can all go whistle!

      • And do you have any proof that this is “cancel culture”? Or is it just you not actually being oppressed again?

      • Stop using terms you don’t fully understand how to use. Youve made some major assumptions and threw around a term like someone without a mind. It’s Disney, they could be making room for something else, yet you want to claim “cancle culture” without substantiation? Give us a break

  1. A little bizarre. Some suggest Dinoland will shut down? Hard to believe, but Disney has been quite unpredictable lately.. so maybe not that hard to believe lol 😧

  2. Sounds like Disney may be changing the theme of the Dinosaur ride or there may be a rumor of the change (people buying up everything). Perhaps, dinosaurs are not selling. Perhaps, Disney is having trouble getting their latest shipment of dinosaur toys from Asia.
    Who knows?

  3. My only guess is are they going to be closing the Dinosuar ride and eventually get rid of the whole “Dinoland” theme and re-do the whole area. Perhaps with the new Indy movie coming out, and the fact that the ride is the exact layout and ride system as Disneyland’s Indy attraction maybe they are going in that direction.
    But even if that were true it would take a long time. So why would Disney have merch that they already paid for not sell it? Makes no sense…but lately that seems to be the case at Disney parks.

    • What’s it like, being so full of hatred that you feel the need to spew it unnecessarily into unrelated subjects? Must be miserable.

    • It is unfortunate that you’re so personally offended at the temporary unavailability of Dinosaur the movie related merchandise.

  4. Perfect. It’s too dark in the ride to actually see any dinosaurs and now there’s no dinosaurs to see when you exit the ride.

    Reminds of Ian’ Malcolm’s phrase in JP:
    “Now eventually you might have dinosaurs on your, on your dinosaur tour, right? Hello? yes?”

  5. While i feel that maybe a sign that Disney world is thinking about getting rid of the Dinosaurs ride in Animal Kingdom hope not. So Disney World please bring back the Disney dinosaur merchandise in the ride store.

  6. Would be nice if it were the beginning of the end for Dinoland! But I imagine they’ll probably be good with it limping along for another 5 years.

  7. That sucks!!! New dinosaur merchandise in the DinoLand of Animal Kingdom, that’s almost as bad as no more Splash Mountain merchandise when you go into the Briar Patch gift shop!! We need dinosaur merchandise in the DinoLand just as much as we need Splash Mountain merchandise in the Splash Mountain gift shop!!! Also Save Splash Mountain!! Please don’t let it changed or be re-themed. Just expand the park and add a Princess and the Frog attraction!!!

    • You’re making that assumption based on literally nothing. If the ride is going away (which we don’t know) it could be that they feel its outdated or have a new idea. Why think their reason must be something that makes no logical sense without evidence that that plays any part in this what soever?

      • Actually I remember reading something about them wanting to mess with Splash Mountain because of ties to Song of the South.

  8. I’m so sick of Disney making all these ridiculous changes, why make it less magical than it’s supposed to be? People are supposed to have an amazing experience being fully immersed in the park, why cheapen it??? Bring back the old Disney I’m sick of the new one.

    • I’m really upset about all the changes! We, our children and now grandchildren loved Disney world. Made many many trips there. My granddaughter requested we go again in October. 🤔

    • I am totally with you on this. I no longer want to go to any of the Disney theme parks. Totally done with them.

      • Wow, you do realize that the Disney you know and loved is not the Disney of 40+ years ago, right? It has always changed and we always miss the old rides. Rides become old and maintenance nightmares or are simply outdated. I have a lot of memories of the old WDW that my kids never got to see, but they still love the Disney of today.

    • Yes i spent my Honeymoon at walt disney hotel. It was awesome in 1983. I was in a world within a world. So magic al. We pay good $ to be in that world. ❤

    • Why are changes autimatically less magical. We don’t even know what they’re doing yet. Also they rrally could just be out of stuff given the pandemic. If not though why assume what what they come up with must be terrible with literally 0 information.

      • Get a clue Kio ! I lived by Disner world 30 years and all the politically correct changes make me sick ! If Walt came back today he would kick the board of directors asses !

        • Yeah, it’s truly sickening to attempt to ensure your product isn’t offensive to certain customers. I mean, really. Disgusting. They should do everything they can to make every attraction as realistic, period appropriate, and gruelingly “that’s how it was back then” racist and offensive as possible. Either suck it up and not be offended or not go, amirite?


          You’re getting angry over Dinosaur the movie merchandise availability, you get that right?

      • This ‘new’ Disney was taking construction shortcuts while doing crane lifts for Marvel land that put my family in danger. I am definitely not a fan of this new Disney, definitely less magical, all about their PR image and chasing the almighty dollar now. This is NOT Walt’s dream.

    • Walt himself said “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” It seems as if your wish for constancy is directly contradictory of Uncle Walt’s vision for these parks.

    • Six Flags is honestly better at branding stores at this point. Every store in Disney is the same crap


  10. This is very perplexing. What are you planning, Disney? Is Dinoland USA completely going away soon, possibly? Is there an issue because of Jurassic Park/World over at Universal? I could understand updating the land, but we know Dinosaur itself is a pretty popular attraction, so I’m just very confused by this discovery.

  11. Obviously the woke Dinosaur mafia found it offensive to all prehistoric creatures who feel oppressed by the capitalistic regime.

  12. What!?! Disney is definitely up to something. First Primeval Whirl closing and now this.

  13. I’m not sure I understand. Is this article implying there is some kind of nefarious, conspiracy theory regarding the merch being pulled? A lot of places will pull merchandise when it is consistently always under performing, Ames way for new merch that can be better sellers. It’s kind of how capitalism works. No weird, creepy things going

      • Well I wouldn’t say nothing. It kind of leaves readers hanging. Why post it at all if it doesn’t mean something? It definitely does give a hint of something in the works. Could be good or bad. But Disney does seem to be on the side of making some not so popular changes lately with park goers.

      • I believe thats exactly Staceys point, what is the point of the story, other than to incite some kind of rumor mill?

        • We post about merchandise every day, people care what is available. I’m sorry, but never in 14 years have I seen all attraction-specific merchandise for a ride vanish unless it was closing. So there’s absolutely a story here, whether it is supply problems, the retirement of those items, or the end of the ride. We don’t assume any of the three are true and will follow up with the final result when it happens.

      • “Cast members told us they were “sold out” of dinosaur-related items, but it’s hard to believe there was suddenly a run on dino items.”
        So what does this statement mean if it is not insinuating that there is another reason for the merch suddenly disappearing? It seems pretty clear to me that Shannen didn’t believe the CM when they said it was all sold out and thinks something else is going on.

        • Front line cast members aren’t always told what is being done, nor are the coordinators or managers in some cases. The story makes no assumptions, but we’ll certainly keep people in the loop if the merchandise ever returns or never does.

    • It’s ridiculous to take away dinosaur merchandise at a dinosaur ride. Makes no sense. Some genius in the higher up has screwed up again

    • I think the only thing it may insinuate here is the thought that it may be one of the final obvious steps before they close out the theme completely. Not sure if they’ll keep the ride or attempt a retheme of it too, but there are changes ahead.

    • It only said that some merchandise, with a specific theme, stopped being sold. It’s very straightforward about that, and insinuates nothing. Any comments saying as such, that’s all on them.

  14. It’s like going to Disneyland/would spending. Fortune to get in and when the ride is finished you walk into a store like THE DOLLAR STORE! Why must Disney do this they are selling crap! Put back good merchandise I hate the generic crap! Who wants to buy a back pack and other stuff kids love dinos put merchandise back! You are white washing all of Disney’s beautiful kingdom he designed! It’s so genetic it’s sucks! No more wonderful kingdom, they have sold us down the river to the bad people!

  15. For one of the least popular rides at AK and of the four parks overall, there are some tin-foil comments here. Things can be canceled and not due to re-imagining to include the 5th key of Inclusion. Stop with the woke self revealing racist comments. The ride is old and the weakest link in Animal Kingdom is the dinoland section. If there is a plan to improve this experience (even the ride itself) please bring it on.

  16. The comments on this are wild. They probably just need a shipment or something, it’s not the end of the world

  17. This is absolutely ridiculous. We were just there with our dino living four year old in April and bought finds of stuff in that store… And we witnessed several others doing the same. This is sad.

  18. I remember reading several months ago that Disney was contemplating turning that whole area into an Indiana Jones themed area. (There’s a new movie in the works, FYI) and the rumor is that “Dinosaur” will become an Indiana Jones ride similar to the one at Disneyland, which uses the same ride system.

  19. Why?? I wish there were some sort of explanation. My son is not going to be happy at all if his favorite attraction left.

  20. It amazes me how some people’s every thought is left right or black white get a grip life is too short. There is an international shipping crisis. It cost three times as much to ship a container of dinosaurs from China and it takes twice as long to get here.


  21. I’m bummed. We are going August 4 and I was looking forward to my kids seeing the store & buying them dino stuff.

  22. Everyone is missing an obvious reason, it helps Universal Studios Jurassic World… Zero to do with racism or whatever nutty ideas people tried to blame woke culture for…

    • While I agree that people blaming “cancel culture” are insane, why would they help their biggest competitors?

  23. I wonder if it’s to refreshen the attraction merchandise to include the 50th celebration or a possible retheme for the attraction itself?? Hmmm. Boy, I hope they don’t get rid of the attraction…but if dinosaurs no longer fit with the theme of the land what would they do instead? Plus it’d cost money, lots of it, to overhaul this attraction for new animatronics or sets …so that can’t be it, lol! I guess they could just take out all the animatronics and replace alll the sets with dioramas and sets that don’t move but it’s funny to think since Disney seems to budget cutting everywhere and wouldn’t be surprising if something like that did happen. 😂

  24. This has happened before at WDW, try finding Figment after riding World of Imagination!
    In the 70’s through mid 90’s they had merchandise after the ride but in 1998 the merchandise was reduced to one row in the back of the store! That’s my last trip to WDW as it was getting too political correct,!

  25. Perhaps it is a supply issue. Were they made outside of this country like in China? There’s a worldwide shortage of containers to ship those items. What reason do you suggest that they are out of stock?

  26. Dang. I hope it’s not an Indian a Jones retheme. Jus wouldn’t fit Animal Kingdom if it is. Not that Indie isn’t another great ride, but it feels good to have Dinosaur in Florida and Indie in Cali. Jus hope for a little more diversity between the parks.

  27. It’s weird since Disney makes more off merchandising than anything else. Look what they did to pleasure island. 😥

  28. It’s not going to close forever…..The Jurassic World Tribute Store is nearing extinction. It was announced that the fun dinosaur themed store would be closing August 9th to prepare for the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store.

  29. And the writer just decided to leave us hanging as to WHY it’s being pulled? Why write the story at all?

    • We don’t know why, neither does anyone else at this point. These decisions are made behind closed doors. Based on how much interest there is in the story, it’s clear as to why it was written.

  30. This is far less sinister I believe. Typically Disney Reps will be inside of Universal every single day and they will undoubtedly notice that Jurassic Park Merchandise flies off the shelves. Making the Dinosaur merchandise not tied to the Disney franchise elevates it in older kids minds to not being branded with the cartoon. Disney knows Dinosaurs are cool, Dinosaurs sell but an aging property tied to a cartoon does not.

  31. The dinosaurs are the only reason we even still go to Animal Kingdom at all. My son is obsessed. I’m sure Disney won’t miss our business but if we go in September and it’s blatantly empty of dinosaur merch and theme, I can’t imagine we’ll ever go back. Why else would anyone pay so much for a mundane and lackluster zoo?

      • Ahhh yes. The two rides which are supposed to accompany a movie that came out 12 years ago with a sequel still in the works and not even remotely close to being finished and targets a very specific audience. Yes. I have. Multiple times. It still doesn’t make any sense to rid an entire sub category of the park that you don’t even have to watch the movies to relate to.

  32. When we went in May, almost all stores had the exact same things. Nothing special. It was disappointing. I wonder if they are getting rid of dinoland? Besides that ride it looks like a run down carnival. Depressing.

  33. I work in a NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM STORE our vendors have been unable to fill our orders for dino plush and other dino merch. The pandemic is being blamed and also shipping problems from China where most of the merch is made. And its not just one vendor, i’ts all of them who get their items from China. Maybe Disney can’t get their suppy.

  34. But is themed merch available and the general souvenir shops, like the ones in the front of the store or Disney Springs?

  35. As I work in a similar industry with a dinosaur theme place, finding any items dinosaur related right now is extremely hard. 95% off our prizes are almost sold out because of the shortage. And no date of actually having more come in. So Disney being sold out and filling it with other items is so the shelves are not empty is accurate.

  36. Disney’s ride on the cancel culture train makes everything they do as a business very suspect and questionable.

  37. This is sad. Dinosaurs rule all kids love dinosaurs. I hope you get more in for the kids and some adults. I am a dinosaur fan

  38. Who is up to this crap…why removing all the dinosaur items…???? For what purpose…u know disney should be paying more attention to ententainment then to idiot wok politics….????

  39. If they keep up with this nonsense, people will refuse to go to their parks…hit them where it the pocket

  40. They have been doing this for Years! In 2015 after a ride you were directed to the gift shop. For instance, Areosmith ride, had all sorts of Areosmith merchandise. In 2021 Now only primarily Disney, little Areosmith. I’ve seen this on many rides, and could it be that Disney does not own licensing rights. They have gone from the greatest experience for all, to the most expensive vacations ever. Check out what Abigail Disney says. You may be surprised at the gold diggers at Disney and how employees are treated.

  41. There’s so many things this could mean–including nothing aside from waiting for new branded merchandise or an impending change in the gift shop’s shelf layout.

    I hope if it is something larger, the general Dinosaur theming doesn’t go away entirely. Animal Kingdom’s theming was supposed to echo Magic Kingdom in being “Animals of Yesterday (the Dinos), Today, and Fantasy.” Granted, the fantasy part only recently became significant with Pandora/Avatar.

    I’d say, “if you take Dinoland away, please put Beastly Kingdom in,” but that wouldn’t make sense thematically anymore. If they want to stick with the yesterday/today/fantasy theme…well, we need SOMETHING to represent “yesterday,” and fossils (and by extension dinosaurs) are really the best way to do that. Say what you will about Dinoland U.S.A., you can’t argue it was Dinosaur themed and thus represented at least some animals of the past in a larger way than the rest of the park could reasonably do.

  42. Why the dinosaur items? Getting off the ride it would be the first thing my 4 year old grandson would look for.

  43. I quit all things Disney a few years ago. Many reasons why but the #1 – because the head of Disney is pro abortion through birth!!! How do you justify heading a company that makes billions off of promoting and selling itself as a child-friendly corporation, when you’re okay with murdering them up to and including birth. And before anyone wants to cancel me, unless you’ve gone through an abortion, keep your thoughts to yourself. I live with the pain of what I did every day of my life – it NEVER goes away. Walt Disney is turning over in his grave; not the company he built. It’s a money making political propaganda machine.

  44. What a shame. I understand that the parks are always evolving, and this adds some pretty heavy weight to the long standing rumor that Dinoland was going to be replaced, but I’m going to miss it. Dinosaur was a great ride and Restaurantosaurus had some of my favorite theming of any quick service place.

    I just hope it’s not Indiana Jones going in its place. That’d be a really weird franchise to plop into Animal Kingdom, considering how little it has to do with animals..

  45. That’s sad. I’ve taken tons of kids to Disney World and Dino Land was a favorite of most of them. But there are 3 major problems,
    1) Toddlers can’t go on the dinosaur ride (my 3 yo was so upset)
    2) The carnival games cost extra so many parents might avoid it like you avoid the toy section at target.
    3) It’s not disney themed so as they make more movies it makes sense that they would want to have them represented in the park.

  46. I am thinking that Dinoland USA is going to be getting either a massive revamp or changed to a new section. Since Primeval Whirl closed there just isn’t enough to do in Dinoland because triceratops spin is your basic dumbo ride with triceratops instead of dumbo and Dinosaur is slowly loosing popularity since it is the same ride as it was when it opened in 1998. Yes the “story” changed from going back to see the meteor that killed the dinosaurs to saving Alidar from the extinction event. But that is really it. Beyond that it is the same ride that opened when Animal Kingdom opened. So while it would be sad to loose Dinoland, it would not be that suprising since there isn’t much else to do there anymore.

  47. Are they planning a remodel and changing dinoland to something completely different.. update it new ride and referb maybe just idea.

  48. Disney has been going downhill for a while so them doing something like this doesn’t shock me one bit.

    What you pay for a single year pass at Disney you could use to pay for a family of 4 year passes to Sea World. I’ll spend my money there thanks. 👍🏻

  49. Let’s be honest, Dinosaur was a disappointing and forgettable movie. Disney is likely going to rebrand the ride.

  50. I’m gonna get downvoted for this but Dinoland and DINOSAUR are some of my least favorite places in all of Disney world. Give us something new(And properly themed)!

    To all the crazies thinking it’s “cancel culture.” Y’all have lost your minds. Take politics off your mind for 5 seconds, it’s kinda nice!

  51. What’s wrong with dinosaurs? I work at a library and the kids love dinosaur books. What’s next?

  52. Well they could be sold out of them items. I mean go ask a embroidery shop can you order 100 richardson 112 caps and see what they say.

  53. Will Dinoland USA be getting a renovation and be transformed into a South America themed land? Will we be getting an Indiana Jones ride??

  54. I just read all of you guys comments and some care about the dinosaurs ride and some just don’t care about it. I care a lot about this ride if Disney do get rid of it i hope they give a date so i can stay and ride it all day long and cry at the end of the day. But i will look back in time and say that i saved Aladar the iguanodon all those years. Then will not go back to Disney world again.

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