REVIEW: New Refreshing Frozen Jack and Coke Available at Universal Studios Florida

A new frozen Jack and Coke drink is now available at the snacks kiosk near the Universal Music Plaza at Universal Studios Florida.


This generic, nondescript kiosk is across from Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe and the Tonight Shop. We weren’t the only ones lining up for a snack and drink this afternoon.


You can get slushies with alcohol added in many places at Universal Orlando Resort, but this kiosk has an actual frozen Jack and Coke machine where the ingredients are already combined.


Frozen Jack – $13.99


This drink is bigger than we expected, but the team member said we were the first ever to say that.


We took a small sip and were surprised at the strong Jack Daniels taste. It’s easy to drink, but you can taste the whiskey with each sip.


If you like sweet drinks or a light alcohol flavor, skip this, but this is the way to go if you want to actually taste your liquor.


This was perfect for a hot day, and we’ll definitely be getting it again.

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