From May 21, 2021 showing what signage previously was

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Removing Face Mask Requirements for Outdoor Rides, Queues, and Attractions

Since May, face coverings have been optional for Guests in outdoor common areas, and beginning Thursday, August 19, face coverings will also be optional for Guests in outdoor attractions, outdoor queues and outdoor theaters at Walt Disney World Resort. 

As a reminder, face coverings remain required for all Guests (ages 2 and up) while indoors and in Disney buses, monorail and Disney Skyliner, regardless of vaccination status.  

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  1. Logistically, this is far easier to explain to people and enforce. Outside = no mask, inside = masks. The logic of making them mask up in a ride or line outside was terrible.

  2. Any clarification on Jungle cruise queue? It’s outdoors but also has walls. Is that considered indoors? Same with Pirates, is the first area with the chains considered outdoors?

  3. So Disney decides to reduce mask requirements in the face of covid surge? Interesting. I cancelled my upcoming October trip in anticipation of Disney increasing mask requirements, not reducing them. (I also didn’t want to die in Disney World from Delta, I rather die at home.) We are fully vaccinated, but you never know these days. Plus my baby isn’t vaccinated.

    1. Glad to hear you’re staying home! The less covid obsessed Karen’s the better for the rest of us sane people can get back to living and having fun at wdw. If your vaccinated there’s no reason to fear the outside boogie virus getting you. It’s utter nonsense. But keep your fear paranoia to yourself please. Stay home and coddle in fear forever! lol

    2. May That statement shows how brainwashed one can become from controlled news. your 100x more likely to die in a car accident then from Covid. Will you not drive anymore? I truly feel sorry for you and your family with that thought process. Please open your eyes to real data and information and start living your life again. God Bless

    1. I have no official answer, but it would make sense that, since those are as much outdoors as any outdoor ride queue, masks would be optional.

      Conversely, the canal boats that run between Epcot/Boardwalk Resorts/Hollywood Studios are fully enclosed, and should require masks unless on the small bench outside in the back.

  4. How do you think they’ll define “outdoors”? Disneyland has had a similar policy, does this apply to things like the Incredicoaster there? If so, that means it’s likely things like Slinky Dog Dash would also no longer require masks. If not, then there’s only a few rides and attractions that this change would apply to. I’d imagine that the policy will match Disneyland’s.

  5. Thank you for mentioning the so very frustrating Ride of the Resistance. I have yet to be able to get in the virtual queue from 3 separate visits. I don’t even try anymore. I totally agree with your take on this.

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