Disability Access Service Program Will Be Part of Disney Genie at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort

In addition to the announcement for the new Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane services coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, it was also revealed that digital options are coming to the Disability Access Service (DAS) program.

The program is designed to assist guests who cannot wait in the traditional queues for attractions. With the new program, guests will be able to use the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps to enroll in the program before they arrive at the parks and select attractions.

Pre-arrival registration and planning will be conducted via live video chat with a Cast Member beginning as early as 30 days before your arrival. At that time, guests will be able to plan two experiences per day as long as they are booked at least two days in advance. At this time, the live chat will only be available in English.

Guests will also be able to self-select attraction return times while they are in the park.

The existing program will continue, so guests are still able to set up services in person. For more information, see DisneyWorld.com and Disneyland.com.

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  1. This is amazing news for those of us who have to use DAS. It’s a game changer that will make our trip get off to a good start, without having to stop at guest services.

  2. Only two per day……that is not going to work for many guests. It needs to stay the way it currently works, where you go book a return time after you’ve used the current one for something else in the park. And so on for the rest of the day.

    1. And….I read something on a different site that clarified it better so I’m good now. You do go on with getting the one at a time DAS return times as per usual, after using the first two reserved ones if you reserved them.

  3. The language with the DAS provisions is disturbing as someone who has used the service. My disability isn’t visibly apparent but it does make long lines incredibly challenging especially when traveling alone. If I apply for DAS and have my interview but they say I no longer qualify does that mean I’m lying to them? Are they going to revoke my annual pass? I get the language is designed to make people think twice but it also is very unclear. They can’t ask too many questions under HIPPA and they won’t even accept a doctors note if you bring it. So how do they determine who is abusing the system and who actually needs it?

    1. There is not such thing as HIPPA, it is HIPAA, and it only relates to medical professionals, not businesses.

      They can’t ask you what your disability is nor can they ask for proof of disability, but they can, and should, ask what about your disability makes it impossible for you to wait in a standby line. It should be harder to get a DAS, especially now that the DAS will offer for free what isn’t available to anyone else even if they’re willing to pay for it.

      The way I understood the wording is that if you are granted the DAS and Disney later finds out that you lied about your needs in order to obtain it, then your pass will be revoked and you will be banned.

  4. This really sucks, I go to the parks with my scooter, the old system was perfect. Only two experiences a day is ridiculous!

    1. First, if you’re using a scooter, you shouldn’t even have a DAS…scooters can go through most lines, and when they can’t, a return time can be granted without a DAS.

      Second, it isn’t only two per day – it’s two per day in advance, for a set, one hour time period, then the rest of the day you can get return times on the app.

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