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Magic Key Holders at Disneyland Resort Hotels Restricted to Pass Limits, Not Length of Stay

Magic Keys went on sale today, and during the very long wait to purchase, guests are reading the fine print of the agreement for Key Holders. One detail may throw a wrench in the plans of some visiting guests: even when staying in an on-site hotel, Magic Key holders are still restricted to the number of park reservations allotted to their pass level.

Annual Passholders of Walt Disney World are allowed to have three park pass reservations at any given time. The only exception to this is for Annual Passholders who also have a linked resort hotel reservation, in which case they are allowed to make park pass reservations for every day of their stay, regardless of the three pass limit.

The new Magic Key program will not extend the same courtesy to Key Holders staying at Disneyland Resort Hotels. Key Holders pay for different levels of passes depending on how many days of reservations they are allowed to hold concurrently, as well as different levels of blackout dates. On the low end, the Imagine Key only allows two reservations at a time, while the Dream Key, on the high end, allows for six reservations at a time, and these tiers are separated by a $1,000 ticket price difference.

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  1. I wonder if it has to due with capacity limitations but it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like WDW where I’m gonna need to drive or rideshare to get to the park if I stay outside I can stay at a motel next to the park and pay parking for 3 days and it would be cheaper than the pier hotel for one night. Really no incentive for me to stay at the Disney priorities there. Unless you got Grand Californian money

  2. I’m so excited to say that I’m now a Believe Key holder for Disneyland! I was formerly a Flex Pass holder, so I’m used to having to make reservations for my pass (and now I get to reserve more days at a time). Can’t wait!

    1. I agree, we were considering a trip to Disneyland next summer with a stay in one of their resorts. We, foolishly, thought there would be perks to staying at a Disney resort. We were wrong and now I doubt we are going

    1. Chapek had said they were moving towards a loyalty based program. Thought that implied better things for their most regular guests. Instead it seems like they are testing how far they can push their most loyal fans before they stop coming altogether

  3. ????? Whoa! We are DVC members who come a long distance for extended vacations. 2-3 weeks at a time. We buy annual passes for each of our 7 family members . Now Disney thinks we will be hoping to book our park passes/dining reservations while on site a few days at a time? If this extends to disneyworld I guess we will be selling our DVC membership. There is no way we can justify paying full ticket prices for our park passes, then possibly genie plus and maybe a premier access. This would officially price us out of the market. My condolences to anyone who had a vacation booked at Disneyland including resort stay and was expecting to buy an annual pass for the duration of their stay. This is cruel

  4. After my family essentially holding passes for 3 generations, goodbye Disney. I cancelled my + membership, am selling all of my cast merch and souvies and will never spend another penny. You fired hundreds of thousands of people, you have destroyed all of the magic and you have become yet another greedy wheel in the cog. I will feel relief when the ears go under, because Walt never would have wanted what is happening. Great job ruining childhoods. :)

  5. Nope. Will not be buying a Magic Key pass. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars when the fine print says there is no guarantee that I will be able to use the pass on any day due to limits in number of reservations? If all the days I can use the pass are maxed out, I have just made a donation to the Mouse with no benefit to me. No thanks.

  6. No key for me why do I need to stay in a Disney resort if I can’t get into the park it makes no sense

  7. My honest opinion here is, Disney just made the Magic Keys less appealing to the non California resident. People who come from out of state tend to book longer vacations along with DVC members. If the park reservations are not linked to the length of the stay then people may decide it is less of a value to goto Disneyland. Also I think Disney may have shot themselves in the foot with the DVC community. They also tend to book longer stays and if they can’t get reservations for the entire length of their stay it devalues the DVC property. With them breaking ground on a new DVC tower at the Disneyland Hotel it may hurt those sales when it happens. I personally think it is a mistake on Disney’s part not to link them. Just my two cents.

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