Recycle Right Award

PHOTOS: Disney Cast Members Become Environmental Champions with Special Picker Award

Disney took to Instagram to recognize the work of some extraordinary Cast Members and their work in environmentality.

Recycle Picker

As a whole, Walt Disney World has always been focused on helping the environment. In recent years Disney has implemented the Recycle Right program, striving to recycle as much as possible to keep waste out of our land fills.

All Cast Members do their part to participate. But some go above and beyond. Today, twelve Cast Members were awarded the Recycle Right Champion Picker Award and were presented with a special Environmentally themed picker to carry with them as they make their way around the parks.

Recycle Picker Award

These champion Cast Members always have the environment in mind, seeking out new ways to minimize waste and improve recycling.

These Cast Members go above and beyond not only for Disney’s future, but for all of us. Next time you are in the parks, see if you can spot a special green pickers and give that Cast Member a big thank you.

For more on recycling efforts at Disney, check out these changes being made in Disneyland.

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