Registration Now Open for Annual Passholder Previews of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT

This morning, Disney opened reservation dates for Annual Passholders to preview the upcoming Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride at EPCOT. Though there are long wait times in the virtual queue to make reservations, they are open now. Click here to get into the Virtual Waiting Room to make your reservation. Guests will need to be logged in with their Disney account which is attached to their annual pass.

  1. This was in the fine print, so if youre one of the lucky ones able to snag a res, make sure you pass this last test.
    Passholders with confirmed registrations will receive an additional email with details on how to check in for their reservation 3 to 5 business days in advance of their selected event date.”

    so this is another hurdle, if one forgets to check in for their reservation, i bet they cancel that persons reservation

  2. I’m confused, I reserved it logged into my account but the confirmation email was sent to my guest and my name is not listed. Weird.

  3. My dad is DVC Member, can he register me as a guest when he receives DVC invite?
    i already snagged my Passholder preview one.

  4. Success! 9/13/21 for 7:00.
    So now I have one for DVC and one for Annual Pass. Nice to have some new rides on a long stay.

  5. Is anyone getting stuck on the pass holder verification page? Mine keeps refreshing a hundred times.

  6. Got the email and clicked, waited in queue for over an hour. When I finally got to the page asking for pass ID, it wouldn’t accept my number saying it was linked to another account. Calling the number for help only hung up on me because the recording said that they were too busy.

  7. After entering the queue, both my husband and I are directed to this page to link our annual passes. We already have our annual passes linked, so we can’t get past this page. Can’t get through on the annual passholder phone line either…Disney’s spectacular technology strikes again.

  8. Silly question, we’re not APs but have a disabled person in our party, I’m wondering if WDW typically extends access to guests with DAS cards during preview events like this?

    1. Same with me! At first I thought it was because my sister forwarded me her email. Thought maybe the link was tied to the account. Tried the link from this article, log in to my account, but it has my sister as the primary guest.

  9. The link is not working for me. When I click it, it takes me to a page that asks to put in my passholder ID. When I do, the page then says the ID is already linked to an account and I can go no further.

  10. How about when your a passholder but they never send you the invite emails. ☹ if not for other disney pages and social media I wouldn’t even know about things like this. And I have contacted VIPholder line a few times about this. They keep telling me to update email settings. Even sent me emails to check and make sure they all worked and they did but for some reason I never get passholder emails. Makes me sad. Also never received my mickey car magnet and I bought my passes last year before the shut down than activated in April of this year.

    1. I never got an email but I did get a notification from the app. If you have the app, maybe check the notification settings and see if you get it that way.

  11. Yet again no email. And I had also been checking the Walt Disney World website…nothing showed up there either.
    We haven’t received a passholder email in years. And, yes, we did check they still had our correct email addresses.

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