Two Item Limit on Halloween Merchandise at Walt Disney World Enacted to Battle Resellers

Often with merchandise releases at Disney Parks, the stock can quickly be cleaned out by just a few people purchasing multiple copies of each piece of the newly released products and then reselling the merchandise at a higher price online. These “resellers” deplete the stock and leave precious little for the average visitor to purchase. For certain collectibles and pins that are most prone to this reseller activity, a two-per-item, per guest limit is imposed to try and make the stock last longer and be available for more individuals. And for the first time, all Halloween merchandise has had this two item limit imposed as well.


With the debut of the new Halloween merchandise collection today (which you can read all about, with prices, right here), we noticed signs affixed to each display with the purchase limit.

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The purchase limit is common to see with pins, but usually limited edition or limited release pins. These open edition pins have the limit because the Halloween merchandise is in such great demand online that the shelf could be cleared out by only a few people if given the opportunity to purchase as many as possible.


How do you feel about the two item purchase limit for Halloween merchandise at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Halloween merchandise coverage, don’t miss this collection of BaubleBar earrings and be sure to check out the whole Halloween collection coming to shopDisney.

  1. While I get the whole reseller issue there could be very legitimate reasons why someone, or a family wants to buy more than two of one item. Could be they have 4 kids and want to give them each there own Mickey, or they want to give them as gifts when they get home.
    Either way I can see potential problems arising with guests over this.

  2. About time they did this and I wish ShopDisney would, too! Resellers clean out items and then charge astronomical prices on eBay. I wish Disney would enforce “no resale for 6 months” or so, then that might slow resellers down a bit!

  3. Well it’s about time! I wish they would do that with all merchandise! I’ve been trying to buy my daughter one of the Stitch plush dolls for the past 7 months and they are all gone within 15 seconds. But I can find them substantially overpriced on Ebay or Amazon!

  4. Very few people need more than one of any item, and certainly not more than 2. I don’t mind people making a profit as long as it’s not at the expense (and disappointment) of us true Disney fans.

  5. FINALLY! I’ve only been writing to Disney about this for the last two years! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to third-party sellers, but only for those who sell Disney Parks merchandise at reasonable prices.

  6. It’s about time especially for the 50th Anniversary coming soon. Well done, Disney!

  7. Yes. This should be done but more for collectibles and dooneys. I hate that the average customer cannot get a purse because people buy 10 or whatever the limit is and then they sell them for higher prices on eBay or wherever. It’s not right. Anyone should be able to buy it at its regular price. They should put a limit per person so that a family of 4 can still each get an item if want. But YES! Finally! This has made me so mad over the years.

  8. Finally! Last Halloween I witnessed one couple buy 10 of the lounge fly backpacks of the Halloween treats. 10! As well as 4 Halloween Spirit Jerseys, and several of the candy corn castle pins! I was lucky I got there before they cleaned out the shelf. Plus this was at Hollywood Studios! The couple had 2 annual passes and were able to get everything.

  9. I don’t doubt part of it is resellers but I keep hearing it’s a supply chain issue too. When you look at the sheer amount of supply chain problems due to Covid it’s hard not to rule that out as well.

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