Appearance Guidelines Updated to Allow All Team Members to Wear Nail Polish and Makeup, Plus Visible Tattoos at Universal Orlando Resort

Similar to the “Disney Look” earlier this year, the appearance guidelines for Universal Orlando Resort Team Members have been updated.

Previously, Team Members who interacted with guests were not allowed to have visible tattoos. They may now have visible tattoos within certain guidelines. Tattoos must not be larger than an extended hand, and may not be on the face, head, neck, or hands. They cannot be deemed offensive, controversial, or contradictory to the Universal brand. There is no limit to the number of tattoos but they must be spaced and may not have the appearance of a full tattoo sleeve. As before, Team Members may cover tattoos with a sleeve or makeup if they do not fit within these guidelines.

All Team Members are now allowed to wear makeup and nail polish. Previously, only female Team Members were allowed to wear makeup and colored nail polish. Makeup must have a natural and professional appearance. All Team Members may now wear nail polish that is clear or a neutral or subtle color.

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