BREAKING: Guest Fight Breaks Out on Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat

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A fight broke out tonight aboard a Magic Kingdom ferry boat. A video shared by Instagram user Anna Chisam shows the fight involving multiple guests.

Video: Anna Chisam on Instagram

The incident took place aboard the Richard F. Irvine ferry boat.

The incident is the second at the Magic Kingdom today. Earlier this evening, Tom Sawyer Island was evacuated due a suspicious, possibly armed, person in the area.

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    1. It’s Disneyland. It’s disgusting and unnecessary. There are children everywhere, it’s the responsibility of the adults in attendance to behave like adults. This crap is just dumb.

  1. Pathetic. all of them. Learn some GD self control, maybes earn some self respect, and stfu. You look like the fool you’re growing into. It’s not cute now and really won’t be cute when your aging self continues to look older than you are. Old ladie teens and grumpy menboys really need to learn how to interact with those who aren’t a teenagers. Hope they were blacklisted for acting so pathetic. Grow up, yalll….or stay home

  2. Omg I think people’s frustrations are sky high after paying an arm and a leg for park tickets, then sprinkle in the confusion of making dining and park reservations top that with fastpass (now lightning lane) reservations and that equals high stress and tensions, due to guests wanting to get the most out of their pre-planned vacations.

    All it takes is one small thing to set it off like “peaceful Te Fiti turning into angry Te Kā”

    1. Stress does not mean you can act like an idiot and start hitting people. Especially at the happiest place on earth where there are families with children.

  3. Disgusting, do they ever think of the kids that would of seen this
    Take away their disney tickets , people have been banned for far less
    They should be ashamed of themselves, when kids are around
    We should of been flying over from uk today but due to Corvid all overseas flights from uk cancelled.
    We all had it tough with corvid, & people are fighting in a place that should be the most magical place in the world, but people like that we don’t need in disney
    Take away their rights to enter, ban them

  4. WTH is going on?? In the last few years these incidents are happening more & more!! Ridiculous is what it is!! I don’t give a damn what color you are. THIS S**t Needs TO STOP!! I was at WDW this past July & yes the atmosphere was very different from 9yrs earlier. The children that have to see adults acting like fools in these fights are the ones that suffer. This madness is unacceptable!! WDW needs to seriously beef up security & it’s a shame!! Hot headed knuckleheads are adding to the Disney magic being killed!! Cut this mess out people Or just stay your A** at home!!

    1. I totally agree with your response and then Disney thought it would be a good idea to add alcohol to All Parks, this is what happens unfortunately. Bless the kids hearts 💜

    1. Brave at the same time, trying to keep the peace. Probably didn’t even realize how brave she was bein in between two grown men who should know better.

  5. figures! thank god this cant happen often! watch out disney you might have protesters marching in front of the magic kingdom!

    1. This is really sad!!!!Get it together people. You destroyed a magical moment for the children that had to witness this garbage.

  6. Wow that was classy. If you can not control your mouth or anger don’t go and ruin it for everyone else. Disney world for God’s sake who fights at Disney world….trash..

    1. Hi prices to get in long wait times stand in a line in 90° plus weather not a good place to go to. I was there again this summer I will never ever go there in the summertime again.I can understand people getting upset and frustrated but not to act like this in front of kids.

  7. What is happening? I personally haven’t been to a Disney park in over 3 years but seeing and hearing the crazy, trashy, dangerous things going on, plus the kilometric lines, I must say I don’t anticipate going back into the parks to fear I might suffer at the hands of some of the morons getting onto the premises. Something needs to be done. ASAP

  8. So sad. Why can’t everyone get along with others? Especially during these hard times!!

  9. This is why I’m totally in favour of increasing admission prices. Keep the riff raff out.

    1. Increasing Park prices do not help. You can go to any amusement park and see trash people. Not just Disney but any amusement parks are full of these trash people. These people cannot pay their rent and other bills but somehow managed to have enough money to go to an amusement park. So increasing prices do not help. All amusement parks already cost too much between parking, admission, and eating there. For a family it costs a fortune to go to any amusement park but somehow these trash people manage. The biggest problem is America is full of trash people.

    2. So poor kids don’t deserve to wish on a star? You sir are trash without a speck of Disney Magic. Who knows how much these people make? They could be loaded in more ways than one. Who’s never heard of an entitled rich jerk before?

    3. Really raise the prices. That is a major part of the problem. Prices every where are going up and up. People work hard to try and do with their kids. But when everything is priced for the si called upper class it creates seperation of people and those who think they upper class start many of these brawls with their Iam better than you attitude. Add to that this pandemic and being quarantined it sets the stage for such things. People like u who thinks that people like u who thinks money makes better people are totally blind.

  10. Why are “People so RUDE” Disney is a Family place…. Everyone put on your big boy or girl pants and such it up and show the kids that violence isn’t the best way to solve things.

  11. well well well, looks like sista who sukered punch white girl got her ticket punched. well deserved.

  12. This has been happening way too often. Don’t know & don’t care what started it but It’s ridiculous. Every year since 2012 when I first went with my family, people have been getting more on the rude side. Last time there in 2018, we had multiple people pushing, yelling, & screaming at others just because of lines, crowds, or unable to ride something because it was broken down. Now fights are breaking out since 2019 on occasions. The hate has got to stop & it needs to stop at the current leaders

    1. They need to increase prices on admission and food again which will help keep more undesirables out of the parks. More restrictions on carry on bags and food allowed in the parks.

  13. I read that a fight broke out on a ferry boat and saw a video. I think that the people involved should never be allowed in WDW again. That behavior is unacceptable.

  14. What about the blonde woman who came into frame last she was Attacked last what was she supposed to do?

  15. Where are their masks? Most of them are pulled down, worn improperly, or not in evidence at all.

  16. Redneck heathens. If you cannot act any better than feral cats in public, for God sakes, spare us. 🙄

  17. It is sad how the world has become with all this aggressiveness being taken out in public. Those poor kids watching.

  18. This is pathetic behavior. There are children everywhere! What kind of message does this send? Solve problems by throwing punches?

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