BREAKING: Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland Getting Cultural Sensitivity Update Making Jessica Rabbit Lead Character

We just earlier today reported on the Jessica Rabbit figure being removed from the trunk of a car and replaced by dip barrels on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin . This caused speculation as to whether or not the figure was being refurbished, or if it was determined the visual was no longer appropriate. Well, it seems it was the latter as Disneyland has announced an overhaul of the entire ride.


According to the OC Register, Disneyland is updating the ride with Jessica Rabbit as the central figure, in order to make the ride more relevant. Jessica will now be “a private eye determined to stamp out a Toontown crime wave”. The scene where the character was in the trunk and the finale of the ride are confirmed to receive changes, but beyond that nothing has been announced yet.

Jessica is briefly visible in our full ride video from May, which you can watch below:

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  1. I’m sure some will have a field day, but I’m all for more Jessica Rabbit. Period. So this change works for me.

  2. so being inclusive is when you make someone who isn’t a straight white male or in this case rabbit more important than the rest of the characters

    1. Pretty much. And the more “not straight white male” that character is, the more points you get. Bonus if the changes don’t fit the character at all

    2. Yeah, those straight white males have had it rough over the course of history. Time to give em a break.

    1. They just did. They can change the ride, but they can never change what it was originally created to be.

  3. So as far as Disney is concerned if you are a straight white male, we do not want you here. Such inclusion and wokeness. I am sure the snowflakes will give them another gold star.

  4. Jessica Rabbit is ONLY the sexy bombshell…NOT a detective. C’MON Disney!! Everyone from 18+ WISHES she was real!

  5. I’ll make them a deal. I’ll 100% support this change if they make it canon with a sequel.

    It could make a great sequel after all.

  6. If in some way this change makes you feel better about this world, I feel really, really sorry for you.

  7. Disney leadership is behaving in a way that is too dumb to make up.

    Did they secretly short company stock and are now trying to crater the company

  8. 😅 “empowering” a sex in high heels character that gets a naked crotch shot and “finishes” while playing patty cake in a children’s film… How woke 🤡

  9. So Disney isn’t concerned that she is dressed like a pinup girl in a kids attraction???

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