PHOTOS: More Scaffolding Erected During Construction of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s been a few months since we checked in on construction of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Though construction has been ongoing for a while now, there is no opening timeframe announced for the new land.


The green hills of Super Nintendo World are the most obvious part of the land.


But a closer look shows that it is still mostly just steel framing.


There is a lot of scaffolding around the tower on the left side of the land.


On the ride side, it looks like some wall structures have gone up.


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Dland fan
Dland fan
12 days ago

This is exciting! I am avoiding reading/watching the Japanese Universal Nintendo stuff so all this will seem new when it’s built.

Michael F Blake
7 days ago

This is, for me, sad. I spent my first 3 1/2 years ass a makeup artist at Universal until the studio closed our department in May 1982. (It stood where Jurassic ride takes up a lot of land.) Where this new ride stands were four sound stages and the historic Stage 28, built for Lon Chaney’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in 1925. All that history is gone. Universal studio tour use to show guests how movies/TV shows were made, and you had a very good chance to see actual shows filming on the lot or see stars. Now it is… Read more »

Nik F
Nik F
7 days ago

Is this what they destroyed historical soundstages for, such as the Phantom of the Opera stage??!!!!!!