PHOTOS: Space 220 Signs Uncovered at EPCOT

Space 220 Restaurant is set to open on September 20, and in preparation, the signs out front have been unveiled. This restaurant is set 220 miles above Earth’s surface, but the launch port is right next to Mission: SPACE in EPCOT.


The main sign is set within and floating above a monochromatic globe of the Earth.


While these signs have only recently been uncovered, we did grab a look at them way back in October and November 2020, as they were being installed. It’s much nicer to see them out in the open with the sun shining bright upon their silver edges.


Nearby, this umbrella shades where a check-in Cast Member will likely be at the path to the entryway to the restaurant.


The pathway is chained off until the opening on September 20, and the further sign for the restaurant can be seen from here. Rolling hedges block off the next part of the entrance.


If you’re as excited as we are to get up to Space 220 Restaurant, plan your meal now with this full list of prix-fixe menus from the restaurant, and take a look at a test meal that was recently served as the restaurant readies to welcome guests.

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