REVIEW: We Are Go For Lunch! Food, Drinks, and Desserts Are as STELLAR as the View at EPCOT’s Space 220 Restaurant

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We’re here for the grand opening of Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT. We checked out the restaurant, and after the long wait, we were ready for lunch. The menu at Space 220 is prix fixe. Adults are $55 (includes an appetizer and entrée and children are $29 (includes an entrée, dessert, and drink).


See a full tour of Space 220, including a ride aboard the Stellarvator, in our video below.



Lift-Offs (Appetizers)


Some of the dishes are served on detailed moon plates, which we thought was a very nice touch.


Big Bang Burrata

Burrata di Mozzarella, Grilled Artichoke Hearts, Arugula, Sunflower Seed Romesco


The mozzarella was very good, salty with a touch of pepper and oil. The artichoke hearts were good, but they were not crunchy and had no visible grill marks. Romesco was lemony but left a little to be desired. A fresh dish.

Starry Calamari

Fried Calamari, Italian Cherry Peppers, Spicy Marinara, Roasted Pepper Citrus Aioli


The calamari was delicious. Well cooked, light, and crispy. It is served with a spicy marinara and roasted pepper citrus aioli. We didn’t detect any spice in the marinara; it seemed standard. The roasted pepper citrus aioli has a kick and is the better sauce of the two.

Blue Moon Cauliflower

Tempura Fried Cauliflower, Housemade Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese Dust


This was our favorite of the appetizers. It’s excellent, well cooked, and lightly breaded. The housemade hot sauce is a Buffalo sauce with a nice kick. We recommend this.

Neptune Tartare

Yellowfin Tuna, Yuzu Ginger Miso, Soy, Avocado, Raddish, Apple, Sesame Crackers


The tuna itself is high grade, but this dish was flavorless. The sesame chips were decent and gave it a much-needed crunch. Otherwise, it just tastes like tuna and avocado. This was our least favorite of the four appetizers we tried.

Space Greens

Bibb Lettuce, Dried Cranberries, Roasted Pears, Spiced Pecans, Apple Cider Dressing


The Space Greens is a very fruity, vibrant salad. The pears and dried cranberries went well together, and the spiced nuts add a good texture. One diner in our group stated it was the best salad they ever had.

Centauri Caesar Salad

Miniature Romaine, Classic Caesar Dressing, Parmigiano Reggiano  


This was a typical caesar salad. The romaine was very fresh with a nice crunch. If you’re looking for a classic, this is good, but the other two salads were phenomenal.

Galaxy Grain Salad

Quinoa, Beluga Lentils, Roasted Red and Golden Beets, Oranges, King Oyster Mushroom, Cashew Hummus 


This was another favorite, with the perfect blend of sweet and citrus flavors. The beets brought a good richness, and we could eat that hummus all day long. The oyster mushrooms were amazing. Each element on its own was delicious, but the combination made this dish out of this world.

Star Course (Entrées)


Centauri Burger with Fried Potato Wedges

Signature Beef Blend, White Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Shredded Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fried Potato Wedges, Sriracha Aioli


For the Centauri Burger, we asked for medium, but it came out medium rare. It was still very good, with a nice smoky flavor from the bacon. Without the bacon, it lacks some depth.  Very little of the sriracha spread is on the bun and gets lost in the entire bite. What little sriracha is detectable doesn’t have a lot of kick or flavor. The bun was a little soft to hold up to the weight of the burger.


The outside of the potato wedges was seasoned well and nice and crispy, with the perfect amount of salt. The inside was slightly thicker, almost to the point of being underdone.

Flat Iron Steak

Coffee Space Rub, Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Cabernet Butter, Haricot Vert


We had our flat iron steak cooked medium. The seasoning is spot on, and it was cooked appropriately, a little tough to cut, but that is expected with the cut of meat. The Cabernet butter has a beef broth taste to it. Green beans were underseasoned, just the average green bean.


The fingerling potatoes were soft with a slight crunch on the outside and well seasoned. They were very good.

Baked Maccheroni

Candele Pasta, Sausage Ragu, Broccolini, Sheep’s Milk Ricotta, Béchamel, Pecorino


This is one of the better Italian dishes you can find in a theme park, but not very exciting compared to the other options. The sauce tasted fresh, and the sausage was well cooked. We enjoyed this but would opt for one of the more unique offerings next time we visit.

Space Station Supplemental (Entrées à la carte)

Galactic Lobster Globe – $18

Maine Lobster Salad, Quinoa, Bulgur Wheat, Avocado, Lettuce, Mango, Citrus Dressing, Crispy Wonton


The highlight was the light, fresh salad with well-cooked quinoa and bites of fresh fruit. The star of the dish fell flat. The lobster was tough and very fishy. The presentation was far better than the dish. For an additional $18 on top of your bill, we can’t recommend this.


Desserts are not included in the prix fixe menu for lunch, but you can still order them á la carte.

Carrot Cake – $14

Plant-Based Carrot Cake with Plant-Based Cream Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Toasted Pepitas


This is an excellent cake, but the flavor is closer to pumpkin than carrot. The sauce is definitely carrot, though, almost like a mashed carrot purée. The “cream cheese” dollop on top is good also, and you get the profile of cream cheese as your tasting it. It’s different, but delicious. The candied walnuts are only slightly sweet, and aren’t completely sugar-coated like you might expect. they help to balance out the heaviness of the other aspects

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake – $14

Dark Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Crunchy Pearls, Salted Toffee Drizzle


This was phenomenal. The toffee cake didn’t stand up to the sauce as well as we’d have liked, but honestly, it didn’t matter. The sweet, rich cake was well complemented by the sauces and banana for an overall well-rounded dish. A spoon and not a fork dessert. We highly recommend this.

Chocolate Cheesecake – $14

Whipped Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Crunchy Pearls, Cookie Crumbs, Dark Chocolate Shards


This is a basic chocolate cheesecake. The top is a chocolate mousse. It’s light, but the richness of the chocolate is there. The paper-thin shards of dark chocolate on top are tempered and melt in your mouth. All in one bite, the crunchy pearls and cookie crumbles give the right texture and depth. This was very good.

Lemon Mousse – $14

Lemon Mousse Sphere adorned with White Chocolate Rings, Lemon Custard, Marinated Blueberries, Lemon Curd


Unfortunately, like the Galactic Lobster Globe, the presentation here was much better than the product. The consistency of the mousse is thick like butter. The mousse is decently tart on its own, but the lemon custard on the bottom is too tart. The curd is stringy and chewy. We couldn’t finish this and cannot recommend it.



Zero-Proof Cocktails

Moon Rocks – $12

Coconut, Blue Cotton Candy Syrup, Lemonade, Moon Dust, Moon Rocks. Served in a special Space 220 collectible cup.


This kid-friendly, non-alcoholic beverage is very sweet, and the coconut is very strong. When we added the pop rocks, the drink splashed and made a mess on the table (as seen in the video above). It’s a fun mocktail, but flavorwise, it doesn’t stand out.

The Milky Way – $12

Chilled Espresso, Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup, Caramel, Cream, Milky Way


A sweet coffee drink. The brown sugar and caramel are prevalent here but complement the coffee well. It is definitely on the sweet side but delicious.

Atmospheric Spirits

Stargarita – $16

Herradura Plata, Cointreau, House Made Agave Sour, B’lure


It was a nice but basic margarita. A little too tart, like many of the drinks we tried. But it is crisp and refreshing, and does not taste syrupy at all, making us believe that the mix is house-made. Enjoyable, but nothing remarkable as far as margaritas go.

The Nebula – $15

Maker’s Mark, Pineapple, Honey, Passion Fruit, Angostura Bitters, Moon Dust


The Nebula was very sweet and mild, and you could barely taste the bourbon. Honey and passion fruit are the most prominent flavors. Tasty, but underwhelming.

The Big Tang – $16

Avion Silver, Grand Marnier, Tang-Infused Agave Nectar, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Served with Astronaut Ice Cream


This one is very interesting. The grapefruit puts a unique twist into the otherwise very sweet mix of Grand Marnier, agave nectar, and strawberry. Solid tequila flavor without being overpowering. The astronaut ice cream is an odd touch. Thematically, it’s interesting, but the chocolate doesn’t really go with the flavors in the drink. Though it is neat that the ice cream doesn’t get soft or soggy as it sits in the drink.

Red Star – $17

Jameson, Dragon Fruit, Fresh Lemon, Onyx 


This manages to be both refreshing and sour.  The Jameson and Onyx moonshine are difficult to taste under the other layers of citrus and dragon fruit. One of our party described it as “a punch in the mouth.” But If you like sour drinks, this one is a winner.

Celestial Cosmopolitan – $15

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry-Hibiscus Juice, Moon Dust


This is a classic cosmo with a twist. The orange is prevalent with subtle notes of hibiscus, and the cranberry adds a hint of sweetness. The orange peel garnish is shaped like a star for a bit of space-themed fun.

Planetary Punch – $15

Bacardi Silver, Malibu, Blue Curacao, Guava, Coconut


This drink is not carbonated, but you might be fooled by the amount of bubbles. We could feel it bubbling just holding the glass. Pineapple and coconut are the prevalent flavors here. The blue curaçao adds flavor as well as coloring. There’s not a lot of sweetness here.

Atmospritz – $15

New Amsterdam, Aperol, Blood Orange, Orange Juice, Prosecco, Cotton Candy Cloud


This drink comes with a little “show” as it is served with the cotton candy in the glass alone. Then, the beverage is added, and the cotton candy dissolves. The initial taste is somewhat shocking, but it’s pleasant after your taste buds are prepared. It’s extremely sweet, and sugar collects in the bottom of the glass. This was our least favorite drink.

After your meal, you return to Earth aboard the Stellarvator.

Are you excited to dine 220 miles above Earth in the Centauri Space Station? Let us know in the comments below.

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