Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade at Magic Kingdom to Close Again Starting November 27

After reopening with free play for the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom, the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is scheduled to close again starting November 27.

On the Walt Disney World website, the attraction has no operating hours listed starting that day and through the duration of the calendar, which currently goes to December 10. No reason has been given for the closure.

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  1. Ha! Bob Paycheck must have found out that the arcade reopened with the games being free.. We knew it must have been an oversight, and he is making sure to fix that! LOL

  2. It’s 100% because Chapek heard it was free. He ordered them to close it and re-configure so they could charge people.

  3. I hope it opens again and remains the same. It was the reason why my 11 year old son wanted to go back to MK. Local kids that go often sometimes need a particular reason. They like what’s familiar and their old favorites just as much as the adults. Both my sons spent a lot of time that first day back there having fun. They’d go there as a break between lines too. I feel it needs to be mentioned my boys still ask to go to Tom Sawyer’s island. Kids like to have that freedom to explore and do what they want and it’s these things that keep them wanting to go back. As far as Chapek is concerned, we spend a ton of money every visit on property and we do it often. We more than make up for all that free time. If anything happens to that arcade my son will be very upset. He already lost his beloved Electric Light parade.

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