“NO LIMIT! Parade” Featuring Super Mario and Pokémon Characters Coming Spring 2022 to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has made major strides lately into the world of video games, announcing a partnership with The Pokémon Company earlier this month alongside the opening of their blockbuster Super Nintendo World expansion in March. And for the first time since the Universal Summer Parade: We Are One! in summer 2020, a daytime parade will return to the streets of Universal Studios Japan starting in spring 2022!


Characters from Super Mario and Pokémon will make their first entertainment appearances at Universal Studios Japan in the new NO LIMIT! Parade, along with characters from Sing, Sesame Street, Minions, Peanuts, and Hello Kitty.

Characters will perform attractive dances that express their worldviews to party music popular among all ages, from 1960s rock to modern EDM (electronic dance music). The climax of the parade will be a show stop featuring each of the characters and Guests joining together in “super-energetic songs and dances”.

The NO LIMIT! Parade will debut in spring 2022 and run daily for one year. Are you excited to see friends from Super Mario and Pokémon on parade? Let us know in the comments below!

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