PHOTOS: Jungle Green Pavement Nears Completion in Adventureland As Walkway Restoration Continues at Magic Kingdom

The restoration of the green pavement in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom continues to spread. Last month, we showed you that progress had made its way down the walkway toward Pirates of the Caribbean. Work in that area continues next to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.


The square pavement blocks that are left between the red and green pavement have been scored both in the middle, and along the edges. Scoring is a cutting process that makes removing the pavement easier.


The color is a near exact match of the original color when the park opened in 1971. The new pavement is textured with stones added in to give it a more natural feel.


The pavement work began in August. The first strip of the new green color appeared on the ground near the entrance to Enchanted Tiki Room on August 12th.


In the weeks that followed, the green pavement work progressed toward the Jungle Cruise area.


Are you excited to see the original jungle green pavement back in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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