Disney Claims Nearly 33% of Walt Disney World Guests Upgrade to Genie+

According to CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Chapek during today’s earnings call, the response to the newly launched Disney Genie during its first month has been extremely positive.

Chapek says the majority of users have said it improved their experience. Almost one-third of guests have upgraded to Genie+. A paid add-on to the standard Genie service, which offers the opportunity to reserve arrival times at select attractions, costs $15 per ticket per day.

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  1. That’s actually a lot less than I’d expected, and the number will probably decline somewhat once the initial “this is new let me try it out” wears off

  2. I just called to add it to my existing package and was told in order to add it I would have to rebook at current rates. Which would cause my hotel to go up $500 for 5 nights. If I choose to keep my same reservation I would have to buy it every day starting the first day of my trip instead of entire trip at once. Booked the Swan resort on the Disney website.

  3. This looks promising for the return of free fast passes. I wonder how long it’ll take for Disney to admit that the genie plus and lightning Lane extra charges for rides are colossal failure.

  4. Again, another artificial financial metric created by Disney to appear financially sound by making Guests pay for something that was ONCE INCLUDED WITH PARK ADMISSION!!

    No organic growth. No real value to these results. For a more fair comparison, FP+ probably had a much higher utilization rate than just 33% (probably 60-80% I am suspecting) because, again, it was ONCE INCLUDED WITH PARK ADMISSION!!

  5. This service is not user friendly and except for kids rides as Magic Kingdom has minimal value. If you target high priority rides you will be lucky to get more than a few uses of it. This app is an add on scam to replace a former free and perfectly fine system.

  6. They made the experience for the other 66% of people worse for the same cost of admission. Thanks Disney. Great profit boosting move

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