Disney Vacation Club sign at Boulder Ridge Villas

Disney Vacation Club Retiring Physical Membership Cards in 2022

Starting next year, Disney Vacation Club will switch from physical to digital membership cards.

The current blue cards will expire on December 31, 2021. On January 1, 2022, Disney Vacation Club members will be able to access their digital membership card in My Disney Experience.

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  1. Annoying.
    Yet one more reason you have to constantly carry your phone.
    I don’t think current Disney decision makers realize some people go to to WDW to escape from everyday life.
    I used to love leaving my phone in the room, only checking in with the real World on return.

  2. okay disney, i have a flip phone. now what you cheaper than dirt constant be glued to your phone morons?

    1. First off, angry much? Second, before you call anyone else a moron, learn how to express yourself in a rational sentence….moron.

  3. how much more will be taken from dvc members? can barely book a room now. the penny pinching is leading us to sell on dvcresale.it has become carry your stupid smart phone or you cannot come to disney. no magical express, paid for magic bands, and now a stupid plastic card is too expensive to make for the cheapact regime? the promises made at closing time for dvc are being broken at a tremendous rate. so much magic just poof! after the sale that is.

  4. So I have to spend 5-10 minutes pulling up My Disney Experience on my phone in the slow park wi-fi to get a discount with my DVC membership as everyone behind me gets upset? Can’t wait to see the next dumb decision.

  5. I love how disney does not realize yet their website and app crash or never work. The app crashes phones or does not start up. The website hipchecks you off and you have to sign back in 1 time i was barely signed in and it came up please sign in. Sadly it is olaf that says technology is both our savior and our doom yet disney does not listen to their own characters nor guests!

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