Fully Vaccinated Walt Disney World Cast Members No Longer Required to Wear Masks Indoors Backstage Starting November 8

Fully vaccinated Cast Members (which would now be almost all Cast Members) at Walt Disney World will no longer be required to wear face masks indoors in backstage areas starting November 8, 2021.

Cast Members will still be required to wear face masks indoors when onstage, the same as guests.

Fully vaccinated Cast Members and guests are not required to wear face masks in most outdoor areas.

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  1. I don’t want to comment beyond how odd where Castmembers do and don’t need to wear masks is. It’s not as if Castmembers can’t infect each other.

  2. Go all in or don’t go. Wtf?? Is this an actual PR stunt? Just go maskless for everyone if you’re letting CMs maskless backstage.

  3. about time. until disney changes their mind again. now disney, about the fully vaccinated guests?

  4. These mask “rules” are so dumb. DROP THE MASKS.

    “You don’t have to wear a mask here, but be careful if you step over here you’ll have to wear one.”

  5. When will the public be free from the masks? WDW can’t ask about the public’s vaccine status (Florida law, medical information is protected). When will they end the nanny state? You ask a cast member, and they are either clueless or evasive.

  6. End this nonsense! I don’t have to wear a mask indoors in the blue state where I live. We only have to wear masks at the doctor’s office. End this Disney like the county where you are located. State of emergency is over.

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