Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto Hosting $5,055 Per Person Dinner Featuring Rare Japanese Whisky at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs

A very unique — and expensive — dining experience is on its way to Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. The December 4 event is hosted by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The other star of the event is the rare 55-year-old Yamazaki 55 Japanese whisky.

The dinner costs $5,055 per person.


“Beginning at 7:30 p.m., guests will enjoy a multi-course dining experience, with a menu fully customized and served by Chef Morimoto. Each taste will be masterfully designed to pair with aged Yamazaki whisky – 12, 18, and 25 years. Guests will finish their culinary journey by becoming one of a select few in the world to get to taste the smooth and woody notes of the exclusive and high-end Yamazaki 55,” the event site states.

“Each attendee will take home a custom engraved Yamazaki 55 glass, an elegant and unique keepsake of the evening. This experience, taking place at the sushi bar, is extremely limited, with only 14 seats available,” according to Morimoto Asia.

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  1. More evidence that WDW is pushing away commoners to become a playground for Millionaires. It’s disappointing really.

    1. You’re right. Everyone should have to pay the same price for everything and get the same mediocre product and/or service. In fact, all resorts other than the value resorts should be renovated and reduced to that quality. That way everyone can have the same experience, no better or no worse, regardless of their ability to pay for the extra amenities.

  2. Only slightly more than we spent on my wife’s birthday dinner.
    Slightly less than dinner at Victoria and Albert’s the next night!
    Thoroughly enjoyed both!
    Only slightly kidding,
    We were only about 1/10 that, for two, but yes we still thoroughly enjoyed the evenings.

  3. well, i guess those that can afford to stay at star wars can afford this also. by the way, morimoto is a must place to eat every time we go to wdw. if you can get a reservation. very hard.

    1. Morimoto is very good. However, in 2018 I read an article here that people who ate at the restaurant in November of that year were possibly exposed to Hep A. My husband and I and dad had to get vaxxed twice. Luckily our daughter was already vaxxed for Hep A at the time.

  4. if wealthy folks want to drop over $5K on one meal, more power to them. That being said, I was raised with the idea that talking about money is crass. Talking about how much you paid for anything was a form of bragging and not something anyone with manners should do. It was a very “new money” way to behave. Mind you I grew up with a single mom and started working when I was 12. We weren’t old money or new money or ANY money. But I always understood and appreciated the civilities of being aware when you are very blessed and avoid being obnoxious about it. Something like this with such an insane price tag PER PERSON when much of the country is still struggling to right themselves after being forced to walk way from their businesses for the “greater good” and now many people being threatened with the loss of their job for political reasons…this kind of an event seems out of touch and just tacky. It REEKS of Bob Chapek. Just another example of the fact that old Bob is determined to turn the parks into a playground for the super rich. Good job Bob. Karma sucks. Remember that.

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