PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 11/9/21 (Earl the Squirrel Merchandise Appears, Holiday Tribute Store Facade Takes Shape, New Jurassic Park Apple Watch Band, Bourne Stuntacular Special Agent ID Cards, and More)

Greetings from the Universal Orlando Resort. It’s a beautiful day and we’re ready to check out all the parks have to offer. Let’s jump right in and find out what’s happening today.


We arrived bright and early and made our way over to Universal Studios Florida first. The Holiday Tribute Store facade is starting to take shape. We can’t wait to see what’s inside.


The Simpsons have decorated their RV for the holidays. You can usually find it parked around Hollywood.


New York looks beautiful with the Christmas decorations added.


A new souvenir is available in the 5 & 10 at the exit of the Bourne Stuntacular. Make your own Special Agent ID to take home. Check out our post for more details.


Krusty’s tongue has been refreshed. The tongue and front entrance were blocked off, but guests were still able to access the attraction by entering on the side.


These sushi plush are adorable. You can win these at the skill games in Springfield.


It’s always fun to watch guests get excited when the dragon breathes fire.


The snack stand inside the King’s Cross Station is fully stocked and ready to open when the lines get long. At least you’ll be able to grab a snack while you wait for the train.


Thankfully, today there was no wait for the Hogwarts Express and we walked right on and even had our own cabin. It won’t be long before the holiday crowds show up, so we’re trying to enjoy these slow days while they last.


In CityWalk, we stopped into the Universal Studios Store and spotted a new Jurassic World tee for $25. This “Raptors on Tour 2015” shirt has some really great artwork.


Food and beverage tents have been set up in CityWalk as well as some frames. It looks like we might have some special offerings outside of the parks this year.


Checking out the U Design kiosks, we came across a new Jurassic Park Apple Watch band for $40.


The theater now has advertisements for “Sing 2.” It will be in theaters this Christmas.


Over at Islands of Adventure, we stumbled across some brand new merchandise for the holidays. We got a sneak peek at some of the Earl the Squirrel merch we will be finding inside the Tribute Store and we’re really loving the artwork. Take a closer look at all the merchandise in our post here. Make sure you check out the details on the blanket!


The Island Market and Export is getting nuts ready for the Tribute Store. We spotted the Earl the Squirrel labels and got very excited.


Some of the larger Fraggles from HHN are now available as prizes in Toon Lagoon. There’s a few other Halloween plush prizes at the skill games here, too.


Another beautiful afternoon here at Islands of Adventure. No matter where you go in the park, you can find some breathtaking views.


Make sure you get in line early for Raptor Encounter if you want to meet any of the girls.


Sometimes you can even catch the baby raptors out around the entrance.


The Dimorphodons from Jurassic World are now available as part of the Amber Collection. You can grab this pair of dinosaurs for $50.


Jurassic Outfitters has rearranged the store and even removed one of the register areas. It really helps open up the store and allows for better guest flow.


Workers are replacing the ropes and netting inside Camp Jurassic, so a small section of the play area is still closed off.


The All Hallows Eve Boutique remains open and we’re hearing it might even be a year-round spooky store. Let’s cross our fingers it’s true!


Thanks for following us around the parks today. We’ll be back again soon, so be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates.