PHOTOS: New Pins With Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, ‘Lady & The Tramp,’ and More At Disney Springs

A new batch of open edition pins has arrived at Pin Traders in Disney Springs. Many of the new arrivals are here just in time for the holiday season. These pins feature characters like Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, Chip ‘n’ Dale, plus several more.


Mickey Ear Christmas Wreath Pin – $9.99


This pin features three Christmas wreaths that come together to form a Mickey head shape. A red bow with snowflakes sits at the bottom of the main wreath.


Dumbo & Mrs. Jumbo Christmas Tree Pin – $9.99


This pin features Dumbo flying to put the star at the top of a Christmas tree. His mother, Mrs. Jumbo watches from below.


“Lady & The Tramp” Christmas Tree Pin – $9.99


This pin is sure to remind “Lady & The Tramp” fans of the classic “spaghetti kiss” scene. The spaghetti and meatballs are swapped out for a candy cane in this version. The dogs are sharing the treat in front of a Christmas tree.


Snowboarding Chip ‘n’ Dale Pin Set – $17.99


This set of two pins features Chip ‘n’ Dale. The top pin is Chip riding a brown snowboard. The bottom one shows Dale riding his yellow snowboard. They are each wearing a red and white scarf.


“Santa” Mickey Pin – $9.99


This pin features Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa Claus. He is placing candy canes in a stocking in front of a roaring fireplace.


Mickey & Minnie Christmas Ski Lift Pin – $9.99


This circle pin features Mickey and Minnie on a romantic ski lift ride. The lift and their skis are red. They come together to form a heart around the pair. The top of the heart has Christmas lights wrapped around it.


“Frankenweenie” Pin – $9.99


Not all of the new pins are Christmas-themed. This one features a resurrected Sparky from the animated film “Frankenweenie.”


Mickey Avocado Pin Set – $17.99


This two pin set is for avocado lovers. One pin features the phrase ” Peace, Love, and Avocado. The last “O” is a Mickey shaped avocado. The other pin in the set is simply shaped like an avocado. The pit is made from three brown stones in the shape of a Mickey head.


“Chicken Little” Pin – $9.99


Fans of the 2005 Disney animated film “Chicken Little” will love this pin. It features the film’s main character, Ace Cluck, shouting his familiar line, “The Sky is Falling.”


All nine of these pins are available at Pin Traders in Disney Springs. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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