PHOTOS: New VelociCoaster Ride Vehicle Wooden Model Available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

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A new snap-together wooden model set of a Jurassic World VelociCoaster ride vehicle is now available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

VelociCoaster Wooden Model – $40


When assembled, the model makes a ride vehicle which seems to hover, tilted forward.


The base reads “VelociCoaster.”


The very detailed model even includes lap bars and vehicle mechanics.


The back of the box lists statistics about the ride.


It also has pictures of the front and side angles of the final model.


No glue is required to put the model together.


We found the model set in Islands of Adventure Trading Company.

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  1. Who would want this? This makes no sense to me.

    It’s not as though this is some model of an iconic ride vehicle like the old People Mover at Disneyland, or the monorail and so on. This is literally some off-the-shelf coaster car that has no distinct marking or design that has anything to do with the (lack-luster) theme of this ride.


    1. Bahahahaha. It’s so funny when people like you that have no clue what you’re talking about post on sites like this.

      Goes to show how little you actually know if you think this is “off the shelf”. Go find the alleged doppleganger and post a link here, smarty pants.

      There’s a reason this won the golden ticket for best new coaster. The unique and immersive theming and lighting on the RV is part of that.

      Plus… Geez, read the room and do 5 seconds of searching. These models are extremely popular for a number of rollercoasters.

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