REVIEW: Addictive Bao Bun with Seasonal Fruit Comes Back to Lucky Fortune Cookery for Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays

The Festival of Holidays is back at Disney California Adventure, and it’s brought with it a returning favorite at Lucky Fortune Cookery.


The Bao Bun with Seasonal Fruit has returned to the counter-service restaurant, having last appeared during the Lunar New Year festivities in early 2020.

Bao Bun with Seasonal Fruit — $6.49

Crispy bao bun filled with seasonal fresh fruit tossed in a berry sauce and dusted with powdered sugar


Overall, this was great. We ate the whole thing and still wanted more.


The bao was the weakest part. It was lightly fried, which made it tough to cut, and it didn’t have any flavor.


The fruit and whipped cream, however, were fantastic. The whipped cream had a deep vanilla flavor that lightly coated everything to make it creamy and amazing. The fruit was super fresh and crisp.


We tasted pears, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. It had enough sweetness to make it appealing while still retaining its lightness.


The portion was big for the price. And with how fresh and tasty this was, we’re sure we’ll get it again before it’s gone.

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Taylor Hayton
Taylor Hayton
11 days ago

That doesn’t even look like a Bao it looks like a Taco

Like Disney, you couldn’t’ve actually checked with asian people?