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REVIEW: Holiday Eclairs Shine While Holiday Parfait Lands on the Naughty List at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs

It’s the holiday season yet again, and that means Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs is cooking up delicious yuletide treats to celebrate. Naturally, we popped by to give them a try and see which ones have been naughty and which are nice. We sampled three today: the Holiday Parfait, the Salted Caramel Éclair, and the Peppermint Éclair.


Holiday Parfait – $8.00


The Holiday Parfait is presented in this small box to go.


Full of yuletide spirit in appearance, the parfait consists of bourbon white chocolate mousse, cranberry/cherry panna cotta, maple chocolate ganache, and chocolate chiffon cake, garnished with candied pralines and meringue trees.


Sadly, appearance is where things end regarding our holiday cheer. In fact, there were a lot of feelings to unpack about this parfait. The tartness of the cranberry/cherry panna cotta mixed with the immediate raw taste of the white chocolate bourbon is very off-putting. The chocolate cake gets lost in the alcohol. The only highlight was the top, with the tasty meringue tree and the breakout star, the candied pralines. But since well over half of the parfait is the disappointing mousse, we recommend passing on this one.

Salted Caramel Éclair – $7.00


Presented in this lovely slide-out box, the Salted Caramel Eclair is filled with a salted caramel mousse garnished with sea salt and caramel crisp pearls.

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Our holiday fortunes certainly turned with this treat. Although we couldn’t detect hints of sea salt, the caramel flavor was nice and subtle in the mousse. But if you eat all of the layers in one bite, the chocolate definitely overpowers the mousse on the inside. Once we took the top piece off and ate just the éclair, the smooth and rich — but not too sweet — caramel flavor came through perfectly.

Peppermint Éclair – $8.50


This festive-looking treat is filled with a white chocolate-peppermint mousse and comes garnished with peppermint candy and gold leaf.


Between the red peppermint icing, the peppermint flavor in the mousse, and the candy pieces on top, the peppermint flavor comes out very strong in this treat. The white chocolate inside the mousse is fortunately not lost, making for a nice balance. There’s certainly peppermint flavor in every bite, but beware the red icing that stains fingers (and probably clothes too) very easily.

All in all, we definitely loved the Salted Caramel Éclair and the Peppermint Éclair, but steer your sleigh clear of the Holiday Parfait. You can of course find all three of these treats at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs through the holiday season. Have you tried these for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I appreciate that you are honest in your reviews. There’s plenty of great stuff at Disney, but given how much there is, there’s also some not so great stuff. We could all use the help in separating it out, knowing that we don’t need to try every single ‘new’ thing.

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