Ginger Apple Funnel Cake

REVIEW: New Ginger-Apple Funnel Cake at Sleepy Hollow for Disney Very Merriest After Hours in the Magic Kingdom

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For many, it’s not quite the holidays without a warm slice of apple pie or the taste of gingerbread. Luckily, Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom is offering a twist on the classics during Disney Very Merriest After Hours, featuring the stand’s signature item, funnel cake.


Ginger-Apple Funnel Cake — $7.99

Gingerbread funnel cake topped with apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce


This new item starts with Sleepy Hollow’s signature funnel cake base, but gives it a holiday twist. Currently, it’s only being served during Very Merriest After Hours.


The full-sized funnel cake is topped with apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle, and, of course, powdered sugar.

Ginger Apple Funnel Cake

The funnel cake on its own doesn’t taste much like gingerbread, aside from a faint hint of it on the back end of each bite. It delivers its signature fried crunch perfectly, though.

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The apple pie filling tastes fresh, still having some firmness to the apples instead of having turned to mush like some fillings can do.


The vanilla ice cream is your standard vanilla bean flavor, but pairs perfectly with both funnel cake and apple pie.


All-in-all, the ingredients work pretty well together, giving you the core elements of apple pie in a fresh and well-prepared package. We do wish we had gotten more of the gingerbread taste, though.


Other specialty items at the Magic Kingdom for Very Merriest After Hours include the Gingerbread-Almond Cake Pop and the Orange Bird Churro. Will this ginger-apple funnel cake be at the top of your nice list to try?

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