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A Number of Disney College Program Cast Members with COVID-19 Are Being Quarantined Away from Others in Nearby Hotels

The Disney College Program is reportedly experiencing an outbreak of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, causing some Cast Members to be quarantined.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous reported to WDWNT that many College Program participants are testing positive for COVID-19 and are subsequently being removed from the newly opened College Program housing in Flamingo Crossings. Infected or potentially infected individuals are being relocated to a nearby hotel for quarantine.

This has resulted in “dozens” of call-outs at most locations across Walt Disney World during one of the busiest times of the year, which already has a higher than average rate of call-outs.

In March 2020, all College Programs were terminated, and Cast Members were sent home as the parks closed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs finally returned this past June.

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  1. There are some people who are at hotels but that hasn’t been SOP for COVID cases. The vast majority are being told to quarantine in their apartments even if their roommates test negative which doesn’t help to mitigate the spread. Locations getting hit hardest rn are QSR’s which are so desperate, they’re giving shifts away to untrained cast just to get bodies in the building to hopefully help.

  2. My daughter was very sick and due to the horrible nature of the transportation system at Flamingo and the 60 hours a week she’s working she did not have time or access to go get a test. She tried telling her leaders she was very sick amd needed to be late or have a day off so she could get tested. They KNEW some of her coworkers were positive, yet they told her she could not come in late or have off. She needed to work through it. No telling how many people she infected or others she works with infected. Disney did not care if she was sick or contagious.

    1. Thanks for heads up. My son is thinking of doing the DCP and just got accepted. To travel so many states away, take time off of school for this is really looking pointless. Hope your daughter gets well.

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