Disneyland Resort Will Not Resume Sales of Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Selections Today, Refunds Being Issued Amid Technical Problems

The Disneyland Resort has quietly suspended sales of Disney Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane purchases following an extremely rocky first day of the system that saw massive server overloads and an inability for guests who already purchased Genie+ to make further bookings. Further, refunds will be issued to all guests who purchased Genie+.


Cast Members at Disneyland Park confirmed that sales of Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane have ended, and are guiding Guests who already purchased Disney Genie+ to City Hall for paper Attraction Recovery Tickets.


Additionally, refunds are being issued to all guests who purchased Disney Genie+ today via a pre-loaded $20 Disney gift card.


Guests are directed near the Tour Gardens stand next to City Hall to obtain their refund. Guests can inquire with a Cast Member there, explain the situation and fill out a short form to receive their gift card refund. Cast Members are also nearby issuing apologies to all guests for the problems.

Although issues have been pervasive with Disney Genie+ today, Cast Members throughout Disneyland Resort have been providing excellent service amid the issues, and we experienced nothing but friendly and helpful interactions with all Cast Members today regarding Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

Disney Genie and Lightning Lane did not face system-breaking technical issues upon its launch at Walt Disney World in October, but plenty of guests were confused by the new system. We can only hope that the technical issues are resolved in the coming days.

Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today as this story develops.

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  1. A $20 Disney gift card is NOT a refund. They’re saying “We’ve got your money and you’re not getting it back!”

  2. I bought it at park opening (8:15am in my case) and a $20 RotR add on with no problem. It did schedule my Rise for the same time as my breakfast reservation. I finished breakfast and went to Rise about 10 minutes late which the scanner accepted without issue. After rise I couldn’t book any lightening lanes until it came back up until 3pm. Then it worked just like MaxPass and additionally you could schedule the same ride as many times as you wished and all of us that still had it on our phones felt like Club 33. We rode everything bypassing holiday crowds. I spoke to another couple in-the-lane who said telling the Cast Members they bought it and it didn’t work allowed them to use the lanes all day (who knew). I didn’t both with the refund. I was exhausted by 9:30pm having rode everything multiple time to my hearts content.

  3. Geni plus is a rip off! We purchased it during a trip to WDW last week and it was a complete waste of money. The selections were “unavailable “ at 9:00 am for everything except children’s attractions, park hopped into another park and the app refused to recognize our park change for over an hour, we managed to get a time for two attractions that we were actually interested in over 12 hours. If Disney wants folks to keep buying the upgrade then they need to make sure there is adequate availability., and until then, they should suspend up selling this worthless yet frustrating system.The parks have become a free for all, we saw more fights during this trip amongst guests than ever before, and encountered many other guests that were as upset as we were about the clear mismanagement of the crowds, that the parks were noticeably less clean and the new system of taking more money from the guests for less experience. These Long time Disney addicts are Probably going to cross over to the dark side next trip and spend our vacation dollars at that other park.

  4. Bob paycheck will make sure it gets fixed as quickly as possible so he snatch more of your money so he can swim in his moneybin sign the petition to fire this magic killer at change.org 80k signatures and counting

  5. When are they reinstating the parking garage tram? We were tired before getting to the park. If we can go on a roller coaster together with masks on why not the tram!!! I think this is cost cutting.

  6. This new system is a joke and the only one’s laughing are new CEO Bob Chapek and Parks Director Josh DeMaro. Ever since Bo took over, he has done nothing but screw up what was already working fine just to Nickel and Dime guest by squeezing every possible Penny out of them one way or another. They spend millions on a new “Pay to Play” and it fails the first day that wasn’t ready because they got greedy. Disney has always been a for profit company, but now it is getting out of hand as they are pricing out the average working class guests/visitors. By the way, the parking lot trams are still not in service because they’re too cheap to bring back the operators forcing guest to walk to and from the parking structures. Way to go Bob.

  7. My opinion is that the park needs to have people who can either run well, or they just need to go go back to the way it was run when the park opened

  8. After spending $25.00 to park in the handicap lot. No tram to take me to the front gate. You ruined my stay before I walked in the park. I have problems with long distances. Do you not care about people with disabilities? Or are you going on the cheap? And now you get $30.00 to park and still no tram. You have no shame!!!

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