Imagineers Who Did Not Indicate If They Will Move to Lake Nona Now Receiving Automated HR Messages

California-based Walt Disney Imagineers who did not submit a decision about relocating to Lake Nona, Florida are receiving automated messages from Disney Human Resources regarding their employment status.

John Wiseman, a California-based Walt Disney Imagineer, tweeted about the message that he received earlier today.

Wiseman tweeted, “Looks like I’m going to need a new job.” In the message, Disney Human Resources stated that they “assume” he won’t be relocating to Lake Nona after not submitting a decision. According to the message, Wiseman had a 90-day deadline to decide whether or not he would make the move from California to Lake Nona in order to keep his job at Walt Disney Imagineering.


The message goes on to say, “We know this was a difficult decision and encourage you to continue to have conversations with your leader on next steps.”

The Lake Nona, Florida campus will eventually house Walt Disney Imagineers and more professionals in the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products division who are not fully dedicated to Disneyland. The move to Lake Nona is to take place over the course of the next year.

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  1. hard for me to understand. staying in a blue tax you to death state or moving to a low tax sane red state? but, their decision. the people of florida appreciates all of you that vote blue no matter what stay in your big high tax blue zones instead of bringing your ways to sane states.

    1. It’s a case of what career field you are in, not politics not taxes. I personally chose not to relocate to FL because, in my specific field of work, moving to FL is career suicide. There are NO jobs in FL for my work besides Disney. If I ever moved to FL and got laid off by Disney, I am SOL. On the flip side, I can throw out some resumes and land a job super quick in CA. I just did a 3 week job search and already have two offers. So you can trudge your “libs = bad” politics, but there’s more to it than that.

    2. It’s hard for you to understand because you only received a 4th grade level education from your sane red-state.

      1. This is some major cope from people that hinge their whole identity on “FlOrIdA dUmB” and it being inextricably tied to their politics. U mad?

  2. As an HR professional, this was in poor taste from Disney HR. A pragmatic, individual approach should have been used with a focus on strategic decision making and a sense of empathy. But can we expect anything less from Chapek’s company these days?

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