Multi-Million Dollar Bus System Results in Management Upheaval, Reduced Hours and Short Notice Schedule Changes for Walt Disney World Cast Members

Walt Disney World Transportation Cast Members were surprised to find their regular schedules scrambled with only five days’ notice, right before the start of the holiday season.

Cast Members, who wish to remain anonymous, reported to WDWNT that management is attempting to reduce overtime to compensate for a new bussing system rumored to cost around $80,000,000.

The effort to avoid overtime comes at the expense of the bus drivers. Drivers who were regularly scheduled on first shift have suddenly been given inconsistent hours, with some forced to work third shift. Some of the Cast Members we spoke with noted that this abrupt change interferes with their second jobs and childcare arrangements, forcing them to scramble to rearrange their lives with Christmas just around the corner.

Additionally, Director of Transportation Trevor Ocock has allegedly been abruptly transferred to the Director of Casting Services as a result of the ongoing issues in the department.

Cast Members speculated that not all of their peers may be able to adjust their schedules on such short notice, which may lead to increased call-outs and reduced transportation for guests during one of the busiest times of the year.

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  1. It’s like they are trying to fail. Not just lazy or apathetic, but really putting effort in to make sure cast members and guests are getting short shafted.

  2. Seems about right for Disney right now.

    “Let’s see how bad we can break a system that has been working for years and guage how the cast members and guests deal with this to see how far we can push them before they start walking away. Then we will know exactly how much money we can save by doing as little as possible”.

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