PHOTOS: New Patent Reveals Possible Ride System for Universal Monsters Attraction at Universal’s Epic Universe

Although the massive Universal’s Epic Universe project is still expected to open within the next few years, we’ve heard very little specifics on the actual attractions coming to the highly-anticipated third gate of Universal Orlando Resort. Thanks to Alicia Stella, we have a look at a new patent filed last month may shed some light on one of the park’s headliners in the Universal Monsters area!


The patent’s main focus is on an over-the-shoulder restraint system that can be used without need of a safety indicator light. The displayed ride vehicle is mounted on a robotic arm similar to those used on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal parks worldwide.


The patent describes the necessity for such a system in a ride vehicle without an overhead hood, as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’s ride vehicles contain.


Images in the patent display possible themed elements that give away its intentions, such as spikes atop the head rest, and coils along the sides and bottom of the vehicle. However, thematic elements in patents are not always indicative of reality, and this system could be used elsewhere.


Since there are limited locations to mount some sort of electrical minimum closed position indicator, something physical such as a flap mounted to the shoulder restraints would be used to indicate whether the restraint is closed safely. Team Members manning the attraction would check whether a certain marking on the flap is still visible to verify that the restraint is closed to a minimum safe position.

While there are still no specifics on the attractions coming to Universal’s Epic Universe other than those in Super Nintendo World, we look forward

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