PHOTOS: New Structures Continue to Develop for Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana’ at EPCOT

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We’ve been “staring at the edge of the water,” waiting to see how the Journey of Water at EPCOT has been coming along. In just a matter of days, things have quite visibly changed since our last visit. Let’s take a look!


From the Walt Disney World Monorail, we can see a number of tents and what looks like picnic tables set up, likely serving as a rest area for construction workers.


Looking closer to World Celebration, wall panels have been erected, noting the outline of a future structure.


The dirt has been smoothed out on the pathway behind it, though it’s unlikely that paving will be happening in the immediate future.


As we move further south, we can see the concrete base the panels are standing on.


As we noted last time, the rectangular structure to the right of the walled piece has had concrete added to the very top and bottom, but the middle remains exposed.

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Construction vehicles have a narrow path to cross between sections of the site, as evidenced by the orange barriers.


Next to this path, a deep trench has been dug out, suggesting that the next structure is preparing to rise.


An excavator sits next to the trench, digging out more earth to prepare for this new offering in World Nature.


When complete, Journey of Water Inspired by Moana will offer child-friendIy water features in a lush, natural setting. It was originally expected to open this year, but it seems more likely that it welcome guests in 2022.

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  1. you know the fun part about me spending a lifetime in construction? that people are so amazed at how quickly we the great unwashed can make things happen while none of them would bother to sit next to any of us dirty sweaty constructors. they would not even share a bathroom with us.

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