REVIEW: English Holiday Dinner is a Great Meal at The Three Broomsticks in Universal Studios Hollywood

Visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood can now enjoy a traditional English holiday dinner at The Three Broomsticks.


English Holiday Dinner – $15.99

Roasted turkey, sourdough stuffing, ginger glazed carrots, Brussel sprouts, bacon-wrapped sausage, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce


This is an incredible dish. The Three Broomsticks never disappoints but this is even better than usual.


Let’s break it down one by one. The turkey is very well done. It’s not dry and it was sliced soon before serving. This is no turkey loaf like so many turkey sandwiches or other restaurants opt for.


This is real roast turkey breast in three hearty slices served moist and delicious with the skin on. It is great on its own, but the cinnamon-spiced cranberry sauce makes it that much better. It’s a sweet addition that goes well on anything.


The glazed carrots are super sweet and tender, with more of a butter flavor than a strong sugar-forward taste, which is pleasant.


The sourdough stuffing is a hearty, classic rendition that sticks to your ribs and is complimented very well by the turkey gravy.


The Brussels sprouts are just crispy enough and bring a brightness and crunch to the meal that offsets the thicker stuffing and gravy.


And finally, the bacon-wrapped sausage. This is the one thing that really adds a “tavern dinner” flair to the traditional meal. Honestly, it’s the weakest part of the plate, though it’s still well done. The thin, crispy bacon wraps around a sausage that tastes almost like a white pudding (an oatmeal-filled sausage the same as blood pudding without the blood). But it is a welcome addition to bring a bit more Scottish flair to the platter.

Overall, this is one of the better dinners to be found in the entire park, possibly even the best of all. We will definitely be returning for more.

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