REVIEW: Holiday Punch and Grinch Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop Make Our Hearts Grow 3 Sizes Bigger at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Merry Grinchmas from Universal’s Islands of Adventure! The Who-lidays are in full swing throughout Seuss Landing, with the Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular, wandering Whos of Whoville, and a meet and greet with the one and only Grinch. After you’ve finished your holiday meal of Who Hash and Roast Beast, hop on over to the Hop and Pop Ice Cream Shop for a sweet, Grinchy treat.


Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop in Seuss Landing has a fun menu with Grinch hot chocolate bombs, Grinch sugar cookies, and ice cream sandwiches, and “A Holiday Punch.” If you’re going to see Grinchmas, you can also find the Grinch cookies and punch at the stand directly outside the theater.


We decided to grab a Grinch ice cream sandwich and a holiday punch to wash it down.

Grinch Ice Cream Sandwich – $5.99


Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two Grinch green sugar cookies. There’s also a tiny candy heart on each of the cookies.


The cookies were incredible. They’re soft and fresh with a slightly chewy texture. The slight coating of powdered sugar adds just a touch of sweetness to these amazing sugar cookies. You can purchase the cookies on their own for $3.29 if you’re not interested in the ice cream.


The tiny candy heart is cherry flavored, and it seems like it was held on by a bit of chocolate. It’s cute, tasty, and easy to eat. Sometimes these decorative pieces can be tough to bite into, but this was crunchy and sweet and a nice addition to the cookie.

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Each bite was fantastic, with a rich vanilla ice cream in the center. Even with the cold ice cream in the center, the cookies stayed soft. This combination is perfection, and we hope this ice cream cookie sandwich stays on the menu after the holidays.

A Holiday Punch – $4.19


This festive sour apple drink comes topped with whipped cream and a sour cherry sugar rim.


This green drink looks a lot like the Grinch topped with a red Santa hat.


This drink is very sweet and sour with a taste similar to a sour apple Jolly Rancher. The cherry sugar rim was a nice touch. The cherry and sour apple flavors are great together, but there isn’t anything to cut the sourness once you’ve finished the sugar rim. This drink is intensely sweet, so we couldn’t get all the way through it, but we gave it a good try.

We would highly suggest ordering the Grinch ice cream sandwich or the Grinch sugar cookies from the Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop next time you’re in Seuss Landing. If you like extremely sweet and sour drinks, the Holiday Punch is perfect for you. The holiday celebrations are taking place now through January 2 at the Universal Orlando Resort, so there’s plenty of time to stop on over to Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop for some seasonal treats. Happy Who-lidays!

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