REVIEW: New Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe from Central Park Crepes is a Welcome Addition to the Holiday Treats at the Universal Orlando Resort

If you ask anyone about Central Park Crepes, they’ll tell you it’s a must have snack at Universal Studios Florida. Ever since the crepe stand opened last year, the menu has been a hit with guests. Not only are the staple menu items delicious, but each new seasonal crepe has impressed us. The seasonal Holiday Turkey Crepe from last year has returned to the stand, but a brand new item has been added for the holidays. Let us introduce you to the Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe.


Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe – $9.99


The crepe looks amazing. They’ve also upgraded the packaging a bit, making it much easier to carry. There’s really no easy way to eat them though, so grab plenty of napkins!


As always, the crepes are cooked to perfection. You can even watch the crepes being made through the window while you wait. Shortbread cookie mascarpone filling with cookie crumbles is folded up inside the crepe and then topped with cinnamon whipped cream, cinnamon, butterscotch drizzle and half of a giant shortbread cookie.


The shortbread cookie was heavenly and had the perfect crumbly texture. We would absolutely buy these cookies on their own because they’re delicious. We’re honestly not positive what the topping is, but we think it was butterscotch.


This isn’t an overly sugary, sweet crepe. Each bite tastes exactly like a shortbread cookie. The cookie bits mixed in with the heavy mascarpone was a great combination. You may want to get a drink to go with this crepe, like milk. Or even Cookies and Milk from the nearby food booth in Battery Park.


If you love shortbread cookies, this crepe is a must have. Even if you’re not looking for a sweet crepe, there are plenty of savory options available. We also suggest you check out the other holiday menus around the parks. Happy holidays!

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