Disney Accidentally Released Vault Collection 1970s Magic Kingdom Map Spirit Jersey Early, Will Officially Release This Week

Disney reportedly accidentally released the Vault Collection 1970s Magic Kingdom Map Spirit Jersey a couple days too early. Just last week, we spotted the incredibly-detailed jersey in stock at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Shortly after we posted about the Jersey, it was removed from the shop as it had been released prematurely.

The official release date for the Spirit Jersey was supposed to be tomorrow, January 24, 2022. According to Cast Members, it will be released at several Vault Collection shops across property as scheduled, despite the blunder.

Guests reportedly were told that the Spirit Jersey was never even in stock at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, even though multiple guests, including ourselves, had already purchased the jersey there. Why cast members are not just being honest with guests is beyond us, but this has become, for some reason, a common practice when items are accidentally released early and posted online.

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  1. Is the stuff from the vault collection available on-line anywhere????? I’m not going to the parks anytime soon, but I have to have this one.

  2. Why would cast not be honest and just say that the merchandise is in, but not available? Just look at the abominable behavior of guests toward cast members, not to mention the behavior of people who don’t think the mask rules apply to them on planes, etc. I don’t blame any cast member, or even Disney for having a policy that may avoid altercations. There are still a lot of nice guests who appreciate cast members, but the increasing minority of entitled brats puts a damper on things. I’d like to see Disney getting a lot tougher and just tossing these people out and trespassing them so they can’t return. Cast members deserve to be treated with respect and people need to understand that Disney has policies and procedures for reasons that many people wouldn’t understand even if it was explained to them.

    1. I get MUCH more frustrated when I know the Cast Members are not telling the truth. Instead, I have to ask around at 6 different locations and get 6 different answers. Then I get pissed because all I want is a straight answer. Even if it’s not the one I want to hear.
      I am a reasonable person. And I get super frustrated when this happens.
      But many people who do not have a sense of self control will get loud and/or violent when they are lied to.
      Honesty is always the best policy. Not subversion, lies, and misdirection.

  3. DIsney needs to stop with this bull! Lying to people and allowing stuff to be completely sold out, i.e. Figment popcorn buckets. Sad state of affairs at Disney. I’m surprised they allow their items to be sold on places like Ebay. They don’t get a piece of the pie and you’d think they’d put a stop to this. It would also discourage these jerks who buy the stuff just to re sell it!

    1. Someone who can’t get to go-to the park themselves relies on people who buy items to resell not all of them are jerks

  4. Well, they’re also not being honest about the reason for rude closures when it’s due to lack of staffing, soooo…

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